ad pepper media Launches SiteScreen for Agencies

World’s first semantic brand protection technology now available for agencies as self-service web-based platform

NEW YORK – ad pepper media, the international online advertising network and semantic advertising technology solutions provider, launched the SiteScreen for Agencies platform, enabling advertising agencies to apply its ground-breaking SiteScreen semantic brand protection technology across their entire range of online media buys to effectively prevent ad misplacements.

“As soon as we launched SiteScreen, we were overwhelmed by leading agencies in the US and Europe requesting access to our SiteScreen brand protection functionality for use on campaigns outside of our ad network,” said Sacha Carton, president of iSense and Director of the Board for ad pepper media. “We collaborated with the brands and agencies using our services, incorporated their feedback and requests, and took it to the next level with SiteScreen for Agencies. We now deliver exactly what they asked us for – a self-service web-based platform to seamlessly manage the protection of brands across all media buys, preventing potential ad misplacements and providing absolute transparency into campaign delivery down to page-level URLs.”

The SiteScreen for Agencies brand protection platform is accessed via an easy-to-use self-service web service that enables agencies to easily apply and manage SiteScreen brand protection technology across all media buys. With the new SiteScreen for Agencies platform, agency teams receive the following features and benefits:

Self Service – ASP platform provides dedicated easy-to-use web-based access.
Campaign Management – SiteScreen protection can be applied to each campaign tag, and SiteScreen protection settings and campaign passback tags can be managed at campaign, advertiser or agency level.
Filter Selection – Any of the 18 SiteScreen controversial content filters can be selected and applied to campaigns.
Ad Blocking – Prevent campaigns from being served next to objectionable content matching brands’ SiteScreen filter settings.
Powerful Campaign Auditing & Verification – Agencies gain unparalleled levels of transparency by viewing all domains and URLs to which campaigns were exposed.
Comprehensive Campaign Reporting – Generate, view and download comprehensive campaign reports showing screened, delivered and blocked impressions by SiteScreen category, domains and URLs.
The patented semantic technology at the foundation of SiteScreen for Agencies was specifically designed to identify potentially objectionable content in various categories and prevent ads from loading next to such content. The brainchild of Professor David Crystal OBE, one of the world’s leading linguists, the technology is the culmination of more than 10 years of research and development.

In contrast to other solutions that conduct simple keyword analysis, only scan top-level domains or make reference to databases of so-called “safe sites,” SiteScreen carries out real-time page-level semantic analysis prior to any ad delivery. This method provides advertisers and agencies with superior, precise and powerful brand protection.

SiteScreen for Agencies is available immediately and details can be found at

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