ad pepper media Releases Semantic Behavioral & Retargeting Platform

Online ad campaigns optimized with combination of page-level semantic analysis and behavioral/retargeting data

NEW YORK – ad pepper media, the international online advertising network, announced the launch of its “Semantic Behavioral & Retargeting Platform.” The fully managed solution offers advertisers an exciting new approach in utilizing behavioral/retargeting data linked with ad pepper media’s proprietary, award-winning Sense EngineTM semantic targeting technology.

“Semantic Behavioral & Retargeting technology combines the best of both targeting methods and is uniquely placed to determine what combination of content and audience targeting yield the greatest impact per campaign, irrespective of the campaign objective, whether it’s branding or conversions,” said Jonathan Slavin, President, North America of ad pepper media. “Our distinct analysis allows advertisers to effectively reach the right users, in the right environments, at the right times with greater cost efficiency.”

The Semantic Behavioral & Retargeting (SBR) platform uniquely combines behavioral/retargeting capabilities with ad pepper media’s proprietary page-level semantic analysis, resulting in a unique and customized mix of technologies. This means a more granular understanding of audience combined with user media consumption (such as online surfing habits) leads to more actionable data, provides a deep understanding of the content environment at page-level and a more thorough level of optimization. In terms of media effectiveness, advertisers now have a more comprehensive view of the content and audience segments that worked both during and post campaign, reducing waste and missed opportunities in current and future marketing efforts.

“There are purists on each side of the coin: those who believe environment prevails over audience and those who think the reverse,” said Ulrich Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of ad pepper media International N.V. “SBR mediates this argument by finding the right balance between the two which ultimately delivers the best results for advertisers.”

The SBR platform leverages ad pepper media’s Sense Engine semantic targeting technology, which categorizes web-based content into one of 3,800 semantic categories. In combining semantic analysis with behavioral data or retargeting capabilities, the platform is able to leverage best practices from all formats to ensure ad placements are monetized efficiently. Brands using the platform are already successfully achieving a greater level of selectivity for each campaign – from content targeting to audience.

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