React2Media, ad pepper media U.S. Display Unit Merge to Create RTB Video Advertising Platform with Semantic Targeting

Ad networks’ combined proprietary technologies deliver superior scale, transparency and brand protection

NEW YORK – Interactive marketing technology company React2Media and ad pepper media USA, known for its semantic-based targeting and RTB technologies, announced a merger in which ad pepper media’s display products and services – iSenseSiteScreen and the RTB platform adEXplorer – will now be represented in the U.S. by React2Media.

“Combining forces with ad pepper media allows us to offer a superior video platform with real-time bidding and semantic targeting capabilities while providing transparency for our advertisers,” said Alex Schaller, CEO and co-founder of React2Media. “Having helped ad pepper introduce iSense to the U.S. market in 2007, we have a great history working together and are thrilled to move forward as a team to offer clients a more comprehensive, cost-effective suite of advertising technology solutions.”

Integrating ad pepper media’s real-time bidding solution adEXplorer into Act2 – React2Media’s comScore-rated video ad network – delivers relevant ads at significantly lower rates than currently available pre-roll video ad units. The adEXplorer platform outperforms current technology solutions and provides the following functionality:

  • Page-level semantic technology integration – Enables language detection, targeting against more than 3,800 categories, prevention of ad misplacements via SiteScreen covering 18 controversial content filters in 12 different languages.
  • Adaptive bidding – Allows bid values automatically adjusted to meet both financial and campaign performance objectives
  • Automated algorithmic campaign monitoring – Includes unique URL-level semantic optimization
  • URL-level campaign reporting – Provides full delivery and performance transparency down to every impression in which ads were served.
  • Audience Retargeting – Enables precise audience retargeting across RTB exchanges

With the addition of iSense’s capabilities, including true semantic display ads, React2Media will now also serve video ads that are contextually relevant based on what users are reading or viewing in real-time. Additionally, ad pepper media’s SiteScreen prevents ads from appearing next to objectionable content so that brand integrity is protected.

“We pride ourselves on not just volume, but quality. Having a vast network of top-tier websites with unprecedented global reach is just one step, protecting the integrity of our clients’ brands is the next,” said Schaller. “There is an ever-growing field of video ad networks so we work tirelessly to develop and perfect our strategies. By merging with ad pepper media’s U.S. display business, we help to set ourselves – and as result, our clients’ digital campaigns – apart from the rest.”

About React2Media

React2Media is an online marketing and advertising platform specializing in customer acquisition, lead generation and branding solutions. The company’s in-house proprietary technologies have been designed from the ground up to deliver industry leading targeting (iSense) and brand protection (Site Screen). React2Media’s suite of solutions also includes a premier lead generation, validating and delivery engine (ReactionAds) and a video platform (Act2) that integrates with all online video players. Advertisers and publishers alike are able to utilize these technologies for better optimization, monetization and increased ROI. For more information, visit

About ad pepper media

ad pepper media is one of the leading international digital marketing services and solutions providers. The company provides a broad range of display, lead generation, email, search engine and affiliate marketing services as well as semantic targeting, ad serving and eCRM technology solutions to media agencies, advertisers and publishers. With adEXplorer, the Company offers a leading RTB platform, combining its sophisticated targeting and optimization technology with global marketplaces and exchanges.

The Company’s U.S. branch, ad pepper media USA, focuses on display solutions and affiliate marketing. Following the merger with React2Media, ad pepper media USA will focus on its equity holdings and the further operational scaling of its successful affiliate business Webgains.

ad pepper media operates out of 12 branches in six European countries and the USA, and is currently managing campaigns for thousands of national and international advertisers in more than 50 countries. For more information visit

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