VideoEgg and comScore Collaborate to Offer CPG Brands Insight into Advertising Effectiveness

VideoEgg ROI Directly Links Online Ad Exposure to Consumer Purchasing Behavior

SAN FRANCISCO – VideoEgg, the engagement ad network, announced VideoEgg ROI, a comprehensive online advertising measurement service for consumer packaged goods (CPG) advertisers. In collaboration with comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, VideoEgg is helping CPG brands evaluate the effectiveness of their VideoEgg online rich media campaigns by drawing a direct connection between online ad exposure and its impact on retail purchases. Using the comScore AdEffx ad effectiveness measurement platform, VideoEgg ROI provides CPG advertisers with the ability to measure the impact of exposure to online video and rich media advertising.

“We’ve always been able to measure brand engagement of our unique ad units”

As advertisers deliver increasingly rich experiences to reach consumers online, accurate and timely metrics are critical to gauge the impact of advertising initiatives on consumer buying behavior. VideoEgg ROI provides CPG brands the ability to quantify the success of their efforts by going beyond reach and engagement to actual sales and ROI for campaigns run on the VideoEgg network. By leveraging comScore’s in-depth data capabilities and proven expertise, VideoEgg empowers advertisers to identify best practices, make decisions that maximize the value of their media buy and increase sales.

“We’ve always been able to measure brand engagement of our unique ad units,” said Troy Young, CMO at VideoEgg. “We’re pleased to be able to close the loop in measuring CPG sales by leveraging the comScore AdEffx measurement platform. Our AdFrames platform is particularly effective for CPG brands because it enables delivery of richer content experiences that drive engagement, such as instructional videos or coupon downloads, in ways that passive exposure doesn’t. AdFrames also provides a more cost effective solution than the expensive process of driving consumers to microsites.”

As the pioneer of the cost-per-engagement (CPE) approach, VideoEgg works with its advertising partners, such as AT&T, Unilever and Toyota, to ensure that each campaign is custom designed to maximize marketing objectives and deliver time spent with a brand message. With the introduction of VideoEgg ROI, advertisers can evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns with any of VideoEgg’s rich media formats—AdFrames, Spot or Mobile—to see the connection between digital ad spend and offline purchasing behavior. VideoEgg ROI also complements other VideoEgg research offerings in areas of brand lift, creative services and network optimization.

“VideoEgg helps advertisers create innovative ways to engage with consumers online, and the comScore AdEffx platform enables us to evaluate the effectiveness of this engagement on driving important behaviors, including offline sales,” said Lesle Litton, vice president, Media, at comScore. “Though CPG brands have traditionally relied heavily on TV advertising for reaching consumers, the Internet continues to emerge as a medium that can deliver reach and have an impact on the perceptions and behaviors of consumers. The VideoEgg ROI offering helps advertisers quantify this impact and justifies further allocation of their ad budgets online.”

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