AdMeld Launches Real Time Bidding (RTB) in the UK

Leading Publisher-Side Platform Brings Advanced Method of Transacting Digital Ad Inventory to Europe’s Premium Publishers

LONDON – AdMeld (, the leader in ad network optimisation for premium publishers, announced the introduction of Real Time Bidding (RTB) capabilities in the United Kingdom. The move allows publishers across Europe to harness the enhanced levels of efficiency, transparency and control that RTB provides. Since launching support for the technology in the US earlier this year, AdMeld has processed more than 6 billion real time bids from a variety of trusted demand partners. The company’s initial RTB partners in the UK are AdJug, AppNexus, Infectious Digital, Invite Media and MediaMath.

“We’re excited to continue our history of innovation – launching the first demand-side platform in the US – and as a first adopter of RTB in the UK”

“Real Time Bidding is the latest in a series of innovations that are changing the way digital ad inventory is transacted,” said Michael Barrett, CEO of AdMeld. “We are pleased to lead its introduction into the UK and surrounding region by offering premium publishers the tools they need to generate the most overall revenue while accommodating their unique needs and enforcing their business rules. RTB is one in a suite of technologies AdMeld uses to help publishers worldwide maximise the true value of every ad impression.”

“AdMeld and AdJug have had a very successful partnership this year and we are looking forward to driving further expansion of our relationship through AdMeld’s RTB in the UK,” says Michael Stephanblome, CEO of AdJug. “Real Time Bidding will enable us to drive more campaign performance for our advertisers through optimisation.”

“AppNexus is committed to helping its advertiser partners around the globe achieve superior results online,” said Brian O’ Kelley, CEO of AppNexus. “AdMeld’s introduction of RTB in the UK is a major step forward for the industry, and will open up exciting new advertising opportunities for our clients. We look forward to extending our already-successful partnership with AdMeld in this area.”

“It’s a big step forward for the industry that premium publishers’ inventory is going to be available via Real Time Bidding,” said Martin Kelly, Managing Partner at Infectious Media. “Through our partnership with AdMeld, this represents a huge new opportunity for our advertisers to more efficiently reach the quality audiences at scale that they are looking for.”

“AdMeld represents the world’s top publishers and highest quality inventory,” said Zach Weinberg, CEO of Invite Media. “This partnership enables us to leverage the efficiency of Real Time Bidding to connect with those audiences in the UK, and do it in a way that benefits the publishers and generates increased ROI for our advertisers.”

“We’re excited to continue our history of innovation – launching the first demand-side platform in the US – and as a first adopter of RTB in the UK,” says Ari Buchalter, MediaMath’s Chief Operating Officer. “Expanding our partnership with AdMeld will produce incremental scale and performance for our agency-client’s campaigns today, and will help them better serve their advertisers in 2010.”

Today more than 130 of the world’s top online publishers use AdMeld’s technology to increase ad revenues and reduce operating costs. For AdMeld’s trusted network and demand partners, the platform provides access to quality audiences totaling more than 150 million unique users in the US and 270 million unique users worldwide, according to Quantcast.

AdMeld’s technology leverages Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and dynamically optimised ad tags to select the most lucrative mix of ads across hundreds of ad networks and exchanges. The company also provides a range of services that eliminate the complexities of working with multiple ad networks, such as consolidated performance reports and payments. Lastly, AdMeld protects publishers’ brands by aggressively enforcing ad block lists with FireMeld, an innovative tool that makes it quick and easy to identify and eliminate unwanted ad units.

AdMeld’s European headquarters are in London.

About AdMeld

AdMeld ( helps the world’s premium online publishers maximise revenue from ad networks and exchanges, reduce operating costs and protect their brands from unwanted ads. AdMeld’s real time optimisation technology generates the highest possible yield from each ad impression, and its suite of tools and services enhance publishers’ understanding and control of their discretionary ad inventories. Current AdMeld customers include, AccuWeather, Discovery Communications, FOX News, Hearst Television, IAC, New York Post, World Wrestling Entertainment® and more than 130 others worldwide. Founded in 2007, the company is headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco and London.