MediaCom Selects Mpire’s AdXpose Solution to Help Improve Performance Ads

AdXpose’s Campaign Verification and Optimization Technology Helped MediaCom Optimize Display Ad Campaign for Leading Consumer Electronics Client

SEATTLE – Mpire, the market-leading advertising verification and optimization technology company, announced that its patent-pending AdXpose service was selected by MediaCom, one of the world’s largest strategic planning and buying agency networks, to help optimize display advertising campaigns for a leading consumer electronics company. After implementing AdXpose, the technology delivered substantial performance increases by reducing budget spent on wasted impressions and refining creative based on user engagement reports.

MediaCom began testing AdXpose in August to assess and improve the performance of its online display buys. The goal of this optimization was to reduce the cost per sale on a campaign running across numerous ad networks and exchanges where they were buying on a CPM and CPC basis. Mpire’s AdXpose technology was embedded into the client’s buy across thousands of sites within Mpire’s AdXpose-certified ad network, and via several other ad networks and direct buys, which were vetted by AdXpose.

Over the course of four months, the MediaCom team was able to achieve a significant increase in the number of unique viewers (+45%), viewer engagement (+33%) and click-through rates (+20%) across the AdXpose network by removing underperforming sites from the network buy, and providing enhanced visibility and transparency by quantifying the percentage of ads that were actually being viewed or interacted with.

MediaCom also used AdXpose’s “heat mapping” reporting feature to glean insights about how users interacted with the ads.  The technology captured what percentage of viewers “moused over” or clicked on the ad, which creative images or ad copy attracted their attention, and total time spent interacting with the ad. When viewed next to the overall campaign results at the individual site placement level, the AdXpose data illuminated a direct correlation between interaction with ads and increased click-through and conversion rates.   Armed with this information, MediaCom optimized site distribution and page location of the ads, as well as the creative images and copy, which led to a significant increase in conversion to sale.

“With AdXpose we have visibility of things we’ve never seen before in any reporting suite. We have a host of new reports to help us assess the quality of the inventory we’ve purchased, as well as reports to give us a deeper understanding of how users are interacting with our creative.  When combined these reports enable us to optimize our media buys and creative to deliver unprecedented efficiency,” said Justin Barton, digital group head at MediaCom.

“MediaCom’s campaign showcases the full breadth of performance enhancing capabilities of AdXpose, and demonstrates how savvy marketers can leverage data insights to create more targeted and effective campaigns,” said Kirby Winfield, chief revenue officer at Mpire.  “As the landscape for display advertising continues to grow and evolve, more and more marketers are turning to AdXpose to obtain greater transparency, efficiency, safety, and results from their campaigns.”

About Mpire
Mpire is the market-leading advertising optimization technology company that is evolving traditional online advertising into a more relevant and engaging medium for publishers and advertisers. Its patent-pending AdXpose™ is the first and only verification and optimization technology that gives brand marketers and agencies transparency and confidence anywhere their ads run across the Internet, including exchanges, ad networks and direct publisher placements. Backed by Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Ignition Partners, Mpire is based in Seattle, Washington.