Omniture Announces Display Advertising Solutions for Increased Return on Ad Spend

Omniture Expanding Online Marketing Suite with New Display Targeting Solutions for Advertisers and Publishers; Working with Leading Display Ad Service Providers

SALT LAKE CITY – Omniture Summit 2010

Omniture, an Adobe company (NASDAQ:ADBE) and a leading provider of online business optimization software, announced several new solutions to help advertisers and publishers easily segment and target critical audiences with display advertising. This set of solutions will allow advertisers to acquire high-value visitors, remarket to previous visitors based on past behavior and dynamically serve targeted ad content.

“Expanding our measurement and optimization capabilities into display advertising is a natural next step for the Online Marketing Suite,” said Josh James, senior vice president and general manager, Omniture Business Unit. “Omniture will continue to add new capabilities to the suite and enter new areas of online marketing to help our customers personalize every aspect of their digital initiatives.”

Display Targeting Solutions for Advertisers

Remarketing Through Display Ads

Omniture SiteCatalyst customers will be able to increase ad efficiency and drive return on ad spend (ROAS) using secure data syndication to automate the sharing of their aggregated and anonymous data with ad networks. Omniture is partnering with leading ad networks and services to provide a solution that will help customers easily find and remarket to past visitors. The partnerships Omniture is developing include: 24/7 Real Media, FOX Audience Network, Tribal Fusion, Traffic Marketplace, and Collective – The Audience Engine. The company is also teaming with digital advertising technology company the Rubicon Project. This solution will be gradually introduced over the coming months.

“With more advertising dollars moving online and resources being spent on display advertising, we are excited to partner with Omniture to enable their customers with more intelligent marketing optimization,” said Raj Chauhan, vice president of global demand, the Rubicon Project. “Through the integration, by leveraging the audience reach of the premium publishers on our REVV™ platform and the rich visitor profile data within Omniture SiteCatalyst, joint clients will be able to serve users with relevant messaging. This optimization strategy will directly result in increased ROI for display campaigns through targeted brand awareness and increased customer retention.”

Dynamic Ad Targeting & Optimization Using Omniture Test&Target

This solution will allow customers to dynamically generate display ads that personalize messaging and offers for increased conversion on the advertiser’s Web site. Marketers will be able to use anonymous visitor attributes to generate an infinite variety of ads and test creative content to present visitors with the most engaging creative assets. The solution will also leverage built in ad-sequencing and frequency capping capabilities that will increase campaign efficiency for advertisers.

“As a media agency we see tremendous value in enabling advertisers to easily create relevant and engaging display ads to mirror the targeted and optimized visitor experience on their own Web sites,” said Stuart Watson, vice president of emerging media and technology, Camelot Communications. “With Omniture’s offering for dynamic ad targeting and optimization, advertisers will gain unprecedented control to continually fine-tune their display ad campaigns, increasing engagement and conversion.”

Expanded Genesis Partnerships with Leading Ad Servers for Enhanced Display Ad Reporting

Omniture is expanding Genesis partnerships with leading ad servers. The full set of partnerships include: Eyeblaster, DoubleClick for Advertisers, Microsoft Atlas, APT from Yahoo!, PointRoll, Mediaplex, Adform, EyeWonder and D. A. Consortium. These partner integrations offer advertisers increased insight into their ROAS by tying on-site conversion metrics from SiteCatalyst – such as revenue generated, leads generated, or products sold – directly to standard ad server metrics – such as impressions, clicks, interaction rates or view-throughs – obtained through a display ad server.

“Eyeblaster is committed to utilizing intelligent technology and data to deliver better results for advertisers,” said Gal Trifon, CEO and co-founder at Eyeblaster. “Through Genesis, our integration with SiteCatalyst offers advertisers visibility into campaign performance by audience segments and improves their display targeting strategies with deeper intelligence for use in future campaigns.”

Display Targeting Solutions for Publishers

This solution lets publishers segment their ad inventory using SiteCatalyst data to increase the relevance of display ads served to specific audiences through 24/7 Real Media’s Open AdStream platform. Omniture is enabling publishers to sell targeted ad inventory and increase ad revenue by easily segmenting and targeting display ad inventory based on SiteCatalyst behavioral metrics (such as content accessed, videos watched, articles read, etc.), demographic or geographic information. This solution also provides publishers with valuable insights about their display advertising business, informing them of which content is effectively driving advertising revenue, which visitors are the most valuable, and how well they are monetizing their site.

“24/7 Real Media, through its Global Web Alliance, provides industry leading technology and targeting through Open AdStream,” said Nicolle Pangis, vice president, product management – global media and technology, 24/7 Real Media. “Further enhancing our existing integration with Omniture, we are pleased to be a key partner in Omniture’s expansion into display targeting optimization solutions which will help marketers leverage their existing data to better reach the right audiences through the Web Alliance.”

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