ADTECH Implements New IAB Video Standards

ADTECH Delivers Video Ads in Compliance with the Latest Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) 2.0 Standards

NEW YORK – ADTECH, a leading provider of ad serving technology and part of AOL Advertising, has announced that its ad serving solution now complies with the IAB’s (Interactive Advertising Bureau) expanded VAST 2.0 video standards. The objective of VAST is to manage, target and report on online video advertising running via a third-party ad server, as is currently being done for banner advertising. ADTECH implemented the VAST 1.0 into its technology in early October 2008. Now that the update to VAST 2.0 is complete, ADTECH’s ad servers support both standards.

ADTECH CEO Dirk Freytag emphasizes his company’s standardization efforts: “For us it is a given that we are involved in the development of standards and that we expeditiously implement them into practical applications once they become available. Video ads already make up over five percent of the ads we deliver globally. We are closing more and more accounts whose video ad impression volume is growing, in keeping with the industry.” He adds: “In this growth market, standards are the best foundation to generate trust, transparency and more technical choices.”

The IAB published the expanded video standards under the name VAST 2.0 in the United States at the end of 2009. This was preceded by several months of discussion of the standards by leading technology providers, such as ADTECH. In the past three months, ADTECH’s video product team has worked hard to adapt the communication and data exchange between ad servers and video players to meet the new standards. ADTECH’s clients are using players such as the Brightcove 3, JW players, flow players and Ooyala.

A detailed description of the VAST standard can be downloaded from the IAB website (


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