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ContextWeb Redefines “Openness” for Online Advertising Exchanges


PubVantage and the PerformancePrice Create New Internet Paradigm for Transparently Connecting Publishers With Ad Networks

NEW YORK – ContextWeb, Inc., which operates the ADSDAQ Ad Exchange, the largest independent ad exchange, announced a series of initiatives that create open and transparent ways for online ad networks and publishers to work with one another.

First, ContextWeb is introducing PubVantage, (www.PubVantage.com), a new destination integrated into ADSDAQ, that enables Internet publishers to research, rate and review any ad network and connect to them via ADSDAQ. Second, ContextWeb is announcing the PerformancePrice which auctions each and every publisher ad impression to all advertisers and networks trading on ADSDAQ, creating a level playing field for buyers to compete for publishers’ inventory.

”PubVantage makes the ad network selection and integration process transparent and breaks down the barriers that have inhibited small & mid-sized publishers and ad networks from working together,” said Anand Subramanian, ContextWeb’s Founder and President of the ADSDAQ Ad Exchange. “Publishers are able to choose those networks that are most appropriate for them to use and connect to them via our exchange. The PerformancePrice then ensures that publishers get the best price for their inventory by having multiple networks and advertisers compete for each impression on the exchange.”

Networks have indicated that finding, vetting, managing and paying small publishers is typically a hassle. As a result, millions of small publishers that reach highly-desired audiences are not always able to participate in networks. With these new offerings from ContextWeb, all that is changed.

“The goal of providing advertisers with virtually unlimited access to online inventory lies at the core of our business model,” explains CPX Interactive Pres. & COO, Rob Rasko. “We are excited to be able to work with ContextWeb and seamlessly plug into the ADSDAQ Ad Exchange in order to add that valuable inventory to our offering of proprietary relationships and 3rd party partners.”

“The power of the ADSDAQ Ad Exchange comes from being able to connect to multiple ad networks effortlessly with just a few clicks. This ensures that I maximize revenue for every impression that I sell from our site. It also eliminates the need to create a long daisy chain of ad networks which speeds up loading. In addition I can maintain fewer business relationships and get a single payment from ContextWeb covering all network providers working through ADSDAQ,” said Rick Jaworski, Co-owner of Joyofbaking.com. “Using the exchange, I am also able to learn from other publishers what their experiences are with the various ad networks and share my thoughts on them to help my peers in the publishing community.”

For publishers, the PerformancePrice works by automatically monitoring what a publisher earns from its back-up ad networks and lets other buyers compete for that inventory. As a result, the PerformancePrice can deliver higher eCPMs than publishers get from their back-up ad networks. Ad Networks benefit from getting access to publishers’ inventory that they would not otherwise have been able to bid upon.

PubVantage is the largest single source for publishers to research, rate and review more than 450 different ad networks. In the future, the exchange will give networks a similar ability to research, rate and review their experiences with publishers.

There is no fee for networks or publishers to join ADSDAQ or to participate in any of these programs.

About ContextWeb, Inc.

ContextWeb operates the ADSDAQ Ad Exchange—the only online ad exchange where advertisers and publishers both enjoy complete control. The ADSDAQ Ad Exchange works with more than 12,000 ad buyers and ad sellers every day. Using page-level, contextual technology the ADSDAQ Ad Exchange delivers category-specific, brand-safe inventory along with extensive in-category reach, all with a purchase comparable to a site or portal buy.

The ADSDAQ Ad Exchange ranks among the top 20 ad-supported properties according to comScore. ContextWeb, Inc.’s investors include leading venture capital firms Draper Fisher Jurvetson (“DFJ”), DFJ Gotham Ventures, DFJ New England, Updata Partners and Investor Growth Capital. For more information, please visit: www.contextweb.com.


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