Immedium Upgrade Enables Online Advertisers to Tune Performance in Real Time

LOS ANGELES – Immedium Inc launched an upgrade of its real-time advertising platform with enhanced metrics that enable advertisers to track and measure the impact of real-time content adjustments on display ad performance. The new release includes a range of charts that display the timing and details of content adjustments to live banners along with numbers of impressions and click-through rates, enabling users to fine-tune ads in flight and maximise their return on advertising budgets.

“This new feature makes Immedium an essential tool for any advertiser seeking to optimise their on-line spending,” said Dennis Cookson, the company’s founder and CEO. “Whereas other systems allow comparison of pre-determined ad variations, the Immedium platform stands alone in its ability to support real-time changes to rich media content through a simple-to-use interface, and chart the impact of those changes graphically minute by minute.”

Immedium acts as a content management tool for banner ads that is compatible with leading distribution and serving technologies. Immedium ads remain editable after release, allowing advertisers to run real-time campaigns, optimize ad performance, or adjust content to exploit changing inventories and dynamic market conditions. Editable attributes include text in any language, font size and color, images, audio and video clips.

About Immedium Inc

Immedium Inc is a privately held company serving a global market via a network of distributors and resellers in Asia, USA, and Europe. For information on using Immedium, becoming a reseller, or becoming an approved developer, please contact us at [email protected].