Marchex White Paper Highlights Call-Based Advertising as the Next Generation of Digital Marketing

SEATTLE – Marchex, Inc. (NASDAQ:MCHX) announced the availability of a new white paper for advertisers and agencies, “The Re-Evolution of the Phone Call: Eight Reasons to Focus on Call Advertising.

The white paper highlights eight changes in the digital marketing landscape that are rapidly laying the groundwork for call-based advertising products to emerge as a critical and efficient marketing opportunity for advertisers:

1. Advertisers, weary of increasing search and online lead prices, are reconsidering calls as a lead form.
2. Mobile search will provide advertisers a new, efficient channel for driving calls.
3. Opportunities to drive calls via online and mobile directories will multiply.
4. Paid directory assistance will transition to ad-supported and drive calls to advertisers.
5. PC-based call providers will launch massive, ad-supported models to boost adoption.
6. Phone numbers will re-emerge in online ad copy due to pressure from local advertisers.
7. Carriers will continue their transition to ad-supported models.
8. As calls become more central to the marketing mix, contact “lists” will emerge.

“Many businesses rely largely or solely on voice contact with customers to make sales or to cultivate relationships,” explains Brent Turner, Executive Vice President of Call Advertising Products for Marchex. “Therefore every year these businesses unleash massive advertising spends across a variety of media sources explicitly to drive calls from potential customers. Historically most of this money has gone into traditional channels like print, radio or television. However, we are seeing digital marketers move increasing amounts of their budgets into channels like VoIP and mobile that drive phone calls much more efficiently.”

Marchex’s Pay-for-Call Exchange ( has provided significant ROI for its customers, including an average call conversion for many ranging from 20 percent to 30 percent, with some advertisers seeing as high at 50 percent.

In addition to its growing roster of advertiser customers, Marchex has built a large publisher network consisting of over 50 relationships spanning online, mobile and offline channels.

The “Eight Reasons to Focus on Call Advertising” white paper is available to view and download at:

About Marchex:

Marchex’s mission is to unlock local commerce globally by helping advertisers reach customers wherever they may be – in mobile, offline and online channels, including on our own local and category websites.

Our performance-based call advertising products, Marchex Pay-For-Call and Marchex Call Analytics, are reinventing how businesses acquire new customers through the phone. Our award-winning Small Business Marketing products empower local businesses to efficiently monitor their online presence, communicate with their customers, and acquire new ones. Every day, our products support tens of thousands of advertisers and partners, ranging from global enterprises to local businesses.

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