Google Sites Has Largest Audience in Asia Pacific Region While Tencent Captures Highest Share of Online Minutes

Singapore – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, released its May 2010  ranking of the top online properties in the Asia-Pacific region based on data from its comScore Media Metrix service. Google Sites led as the most-visited property in the region reaching 55 percent of the online population, while Tencent led in engagement with visitors averaging 6.5 hours at the property during the month. The report also examined the top destinations across 13 individual countries in the Asia-Pacific region, revealing various brand preference across markets. These and other relevant findings have been presented in the comScore live complimentary webinar, State of the Internet with a Focus on Asia Pacific on Tuesday, July 13.

“Home to nearly half of the world’s online population, the Asia-Pacific region represents a wealth of opportunity for both local and global brands in the digital media space,” said Will Hodgman, comScore executive vice president for the Asia-Pacific region. “With an average Internet user in the region spending nearly 17 hours a month online, brands not currently using this channel are missing a significant opportunity to reach and engage audiences. For most brands, having an online presence is no longer optional, it’s a marketing necessity.”

Google Sites Tops List as Most-Visited Property in Asia Pacific
In May 2010, Google Sites ranked as the most-visited property in the Asia-Pacific region, reaching 270 million unique visitors during the month, followed by Microsoft Sites with 218.5 million visitors and Yahoo! Sites with 205 million visitors. Inc. and Tencent Inc. secured the fourth and fifth most-visited positions with 177 million visitors and 174 million visitors, respectively.

In terms of engagement among the top 20 most-visited properties, Tencent Inc. ranked as the most-engaging property with visitors averaging 6.5 hours on the site during the month, consuming 716 pages of content and visiting the property an average of 39 times. also witnessed strong engagement, with visitors spending 3.5 hours on the social networking site and visiting more than 21 times throughout the month.
Top Internet Properties in Asia Pacific by Unique Visitors
May 2010
Total Audience, Asia Pacific, Age 15+ – Home & Work Locations*
Source: comScore Media Metrix

Total Unique   Average Minutes   Average Pages   Average Visits
Visitors      per Visitor      per Visitor     per Visitor
Total Internet:   492,773         1,003.6           1,783            44.4
Google Sites      270,017           120.7             171            18.8
Microsoft Sites   218,474           122.4              55            10.2
Yahoo! Sites      204,882           151.4             204            19.6 Inc.    176,795            58.4             128            20.1
Tencent Inc.      174,149           394.9             716            39.4
SINA Corporation  108,454            42.8              56             9.8
Corporation  107,947            73.3             139            11.9 Inc.      91,535            47.3              65             8.1       85,825           217.5             318            21.5 Inc.   83,630            44.0              67             9.5
Foundation Sites 80,502            13.5              13             4.3
Youku              72,477            23.5              20             5.3
Xunlei Networking  69,141            51.1              44             7.2
Tudou Sites        63,016            17.2              18             5.7
CBS Interactive    62,243             9.1              19             2.7            57,625            19.8              34             5.1
Amazon Sites       55,306            13.3              23             3.5
Apple Inc.         51,908             5.6               7             1.7
Oak Pacific
Interactive Sites 51,460            97.8             335             9.3 Sites    42,705             7.0              13             8.4
*Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

Top Destinations Vary Across Markets
An analysis of the most visited Internet properties in each of the 13 individual Asia-Pacific markets revealed differing brand preferences across countries. Google Sites led as the most-visited property in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, while Yahoo! Sites attracted the most visitors in Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. Microsoft Sites led the market in Australia reaching 93 percent of online users. Local entities topped the list in China and South Korea, with Tencent Inc. and NHN Corporation reaching the largest percentage of Internet users. In the Philippines, reigned as the most-visited destination reaching 93 percent of online users, the highest penetration of any global market for the social networking site.
Top Internet Property by Percent Reach of Unique Visitors
May 2010
Total Audience, Age 15+ – Home & Work Locations*
Source: comScore Media Metrix

Market                  Top Property by        % Reach
Unique Visitors
Asia Pacific             Google Sites           54.8
Australia                Microsoft Sites         93.1
China                      Tencent Inc.          64.7
Hong Kong                  Yahoo! Sites          88.7
India                      Google Sites          94.3
Indonesia                  Google Sites          90.0
Japan                      Yahoo! Sites          88.8
Malaysia                   Google Sites          90.4
New Zealand               Microsoft Sites        90.3
Philippines                92.8
Singapore                  Google Sites          91.0
South Korea               NHN Corporation        85.1
Taiwan                     Yahoo! Sites          96.4
Vietnam                    Google Sites          95.3
*Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

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