RSG Media Systems Unveils Zoox Analytics Optimization Solutions for Digital Ad Sales

NEW YORK – RSG Media Systems (, a leading provider of software solutions for the media & entertainment industry and digital publishers, is announcing the launch of Zoox™ Analytics solutions to help digital publishers maximize yield from ad sales.

The adage says, “Charge what the market will bear”. In reality, it’s hard to know how much that is. Too often sales managers rely on gut instinct or on what their representatives tell them. RSG Media’s new Zoox products use advanced analytics and predictive algorithms to advise managers when to charge more and when to make a deal, accurately predicting a narrow band within which market prices will fall.

By accurately calculating a price floor, based on 28 market conditions and inventory indicators, Zoox Analytics helps managers maintain pricing discipline. The results are significant. RSG has seen a 4-5 percent lift opportunity based on tests done using Zoox Analytics with some of the largest digital publishers in the industry.

Says Sriram Subramanian, head of RSG Media’s Analytics & Optimization group, “Often sales reps just want to close a deal and accept a price that is too low. There’s not only the direct cost of lower prices, there’s also the opportunity cost.”

In addition to pricing deals, the new Zoox™ Analytics decision support system enables Pricing and Inventory (P&I) teams to answer questions such as:

• How much inventory do I have for a DMA? How much targeted to adult males?
• Do I make more money selling individual units or packages?
• Are my packages giving valuable inventory away for cheap?
• Should I give in to the client’s quote? Or will I be able to get a higher price later?
• When the market’s moving, how can I tell immediately?

These questions are difficult to address thanks in part to the tremendous growth of online advertising and the accompanying innovation in ad formats, targeting and packaging. With Zoox Analytics, RSG Media has taken a unique approach to solving these problems. Zoox uses advanced mathematical models to predict inventory availability and recommend dynamic pricing that helps publishers maximize their return on inventory. Experts at RSG Media Research Lab monitor the models and make adjustments as necessary to keep them in tune with changing market trends.

This approach has been made possible through a combination of RSG Media’s years of experience in the media domain building sales systems and revenue management solutions for the top 20 media companies.

Adds Subramanian, “Our solutions based on rigorous mathematical models help provide decision support in critical areas of estimating available inventory to sell, price suggestion and identifying lost revenues due to mis-pricing. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all, we start any engagement with an understanding of specific business requirements and issues that we use to fine-tune our models. Using the client’s data, we demonstrate a clear value proposition with a provable return on investment.”

About RSG Media Systems

RSG Media Systems ( software products to manage and monetize media properties.  The company’s products, including Rights Logic®, a rights and royalty management tool, Planit™,  an ad sales proposal management system, and  AdVant™, optimizing ad sales revenue software, are designed to assist media, entertainment, cable and broadcast companies in maximizing revenue.  RSG Media Systems also designs strategies and implements custom technology solutions to meet its clients’ needs.  Established in 1985, the company is headquartered in New York City.