Local.com Enhances Search Advertising Technology

Improved Ad Relevance Expected to Increase Search Monetization

IRVINE, Calif. – Local.com Corporation (NASDAQ: LOCM), a leading local search site and network, announced the launch of enhancements to its search advertising relevance, which are expected to increase monetization of search traffic across the Local.com site and network.

Delivering more relevant ads typically increases the click-through rate on those ads, which is expected to increase monetization of search traffic while simultaneously delivering an improved user experience. The upgrade is also expected to result in faster search response times.

The company has deployed the new technology on its flagship property, www.local.com, and plans to roll this out across its network of 41,000 sites through the remainder of the year.

“One of our key initiatives this year is to increase organic traffic. Improvements in search advertising relevance are expected to improve our users’ experience, which in turn is expected to increase repeat usage of our sites,” said Eileen Licitra, Local.com vice president, product management. “The enhancements have already shown marked improvements in the relevance and click-through rates to our advertisers. As with much of our research and development effort, our partners will share in these enhancements when we roll them out across our broader network.”

Local.com serves over 20 million consumers each month across its site and network who are searching for local businesses, products and services. According to Borrell Associates, local search advertising in the U.S. is projected to grow to $5.147 billion by 2013.

About Local.com®

Local.com Corporation (NASDAQ: LOCM) owns and operates a leading local search site and network in the United States. The company uses patented and proprietary technologies to provide over 20 million consumers each month with relevant search results for local businesses, products and services on Local.com and over 800 partner sites. Local.com owns or manages over 40,000 geo-category domain sites, and over 70,000 small business customers use Local.com products and services to reach consumers using a variety of subscription, performance and display advertising and website products. To advertise, or for more information visit: www.local.com.