AdoTube Launches Vertically-Integrated Buy-Side Video Advertising Platform

AdoTube platform aims to expand in-stream video advertising market by eliminating cost, format and asset barriers for advertisers

White-label version helps advertisers streamline many services into one cohesive, intuitive platform

NEW YORK – AdoTube announced the commercial availability of a complete in-stream video advertising platform that brings together an entire ecosystem of tools to facilitate successful in-stream ad campaigns. The vertically-integrated platform, available as both a self-serve and white-label platform, connects advertisers with media sources, at-scale creative support, analytics and campaign management within an intuitive interface. With the launch of the platform, AdoTube aims to expand in-stream advertising opportunities by delivering the flexibility to use any advertising asset on any video player within any publisher or network.

AdoTube’s vertically-integrated approach pulls together all of the tools necessary to execute a complete in-stream advertising campaign. The platform allows advertisers to easily and effectively place their messages on the most targeted and relevant web content within the video player itself.

The AdoTube platform features include:

Creative: Upload existing ads, create new ads from a creative wizard or access AdoTube’s creative services for uniquely customized, high-quality ads

Placement: Target campaigns toward specific publishers/networks, demographics, geo-targeted markets, behaviors, keywords and more

Performance: Receive front-end, back-end and brand-study analytics

Purchase: Capable of both buy- and sell-side integration

Customer Service: Includes total account support

As a white-label solution, the AdoTube platform gives publishers the opportunity to offer advertisers a complete, customized advertising platform extending across their media properties and network. Publishers also benefit from reduced drop-off rates and greater access to premium advertisers while empowering their sales team with the ability to sell creative services and full campaigns, alongside the flexibility to use any ad unit. Maximizing revenue opportunities, clients may also utilize a custom-built ad server and other tools for managing and delivering in-stream ads for the publisher.

“By offering a single, self-serve platform that eliminates some of the largest barriers for advertisers, we are providing a catalyst for major ad market growth. Instead of integrating services from five different partners, AdoTube gives you one expertly-managed point of entry – this eliminates complexity,” said Constantine Goltsev, CEO of AdoTube. “By allowing advertisers to access the whole video ecosystem with any asset using any size ad buy, we are facilitating ad buys, both large and small.”

About AdoTube

AdoTube is a complete in-stream/in-video solution that enables each part of the industry (agencies, advertisers and publishers) to have easy and efficient access to in-stream ads. AdoTube’s platform includes:

AdoTube Ad Network: Top in-stream and in-video network providing ad placement, creative services, advanced targeting, measurement and results to agencies and advertisers.
AdoTube Publisher Management tool (PUMA): A proprietary in-stream ad server with full tracking and analytics capabilities. This is complemented with a video indexing tool and a powerful creative suite, giving publishers the ability to create and run their own rich media in-stream campaigns with bundled-in ad operations support and client services.
AdoTube In-Stream Ad Exchange (AdEx): Provides solutions for both publishers and advertisers. Publishers have the ability to monetize video with this in-stream inventory exchange. Advertisers (local and small) are provided with an efficient solution for buying in-stream inventory, creating their own in-stream ads and delivering their message within video content.
AdoTube Network Partner Console (NPC): A tool that enables ad networks and media brokers to easily diversify into in-stream advertising, as well as take advantage of AdoTube’s creative suite with bundled-in ad operations support and client services.
AdoTube Creative Services (OTT Creative Services): A team of designers and engineers that create high-quality creative and support the creative suites for each type of client.
AdoTube’s suite of products helps each part of the industry to deliver high-quality, in-stream advertising solutions through a quick, easy and cost efficient platform.

AdoTube is led by a seasoned team of internet professionals headquartered in New York, with offices in California and Europe. To learn more about AdoTube, or to become a partner, please see their solutions for advertisers, publishers and ad networks at