PubMatic Launches Data Firewall for Publishers to Prevent Audience Data Leakage

First Product of Its Kind Will Combat Billion-Dollar Problem

PALO ALTO, Calif. – PubMatic, which provides online publishers — including the majority of the comScore Top 10 — with the technology and services to significantly increase revenue and better manage their advertising inventory, launched its Data Firewall product for publishers. For the first time, publishers will get visibility into 3rd party companies that are tracking the publisher’s audience via pixels or cookies and causing data leakage.

Data leakage occurs when 3rd parties track a publisher’s audience without the knowledge of the publisher, a problem that has grown considerably in the past year. PubMatic estimates that data leakage is costing publishers up to $1 billion annually in lost revenue.

PubMatic’s Data Firewall is unique in that it is the first product in the market that gives publishers transparency into data leakage and at the same time allows them to see which 3rd parties are producing the highest ad revenue for the publishers. This will allow publishers to evaluate the value of those 3rd party relationships.

The use of publisher data by 3rd parties in order to increase the value of the media they are selling independently of the publisher is a fast-growing practice and can cost the publisher significant revenue losses. Data Firewall will help publishers decide how much data collection from 3rd parties is too much.

“Data Firewall is another impressive step toward giving publishers more control over their advertising inventory,” says Jared Friedman, CTO at Scribd, a publisher partner of PubMatic. “With Data Firewall we can take our industry leading stance on consumer privacy to the next level by ensuring our users’ privacy is protected while continuing to allow many advertisers to run ads on our site.”

“Privacy is not only important to consumers, but it is also of paramount importance to publishers,” says Rajeev Goel, Co-Founder and CEO of PubMatic. “Data Firewall is the world’s first publisher-centric tool that provides publishers with the ability to clearly see who is dropping pixels on their websites, and take appropriate action.”

As part of the Premier platform, PubMatic’s large base of premium publishers will be able to leverage Data Firewall through PubMatic’s consolidated dashboard.

PubMatic’s ( ad management technology combines an impression-level ad auction, the most comprehensive brand protection tools, and enterprise ad operations support to give the Web’s top publishers the most control over their revenue and brand. Some of the world’s most respected online publishers have chosen to work with PubMatic, including The Huffington Post, eBay, United Online, TV Guide, and the majority of the comScore Top 10.

PubMatic is privately held, backed by funding from Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Nexus Venture Partners, and Helion Ventures, and has seven offices around the world in the US, Europe, and Asia.