Advertise on Twitter Apps and the Wider Realtime Social Web with OneRiot

OneRiot Helps Brands and Media Companies Advertise on Twitter Apps and the Wider Realtime Social Web with Innovative Realtime Social Targeting Network

BOULDER, Colo. – OneRiot announced the official launch of its advertising network for the realtime social web, extending its exclusive network, social trends targeting technology and dynamic messaging capabilities to all.

Since the company first announced its advertising network in January of this year, select brands and media companies such as Stella Artois, Sony Pictures, Aol and Time Inc. have incorporated OneRiot into their digital marketing strategies – benefiting from the company’s realtime social targeting techniques. As of today, OneRiot partnerships are available to all marketers seeking to reach millions of social influencers across its exclusive network of top Twitter and Facebook apps, mobile apps, social networks and content discovery sites.

“We’re enabling socially-savvy brand advertisers to engage with a highly influential audience, dynamically delivering advertising messages that resonate at the right time,” said Tobias Peggs, OneRiot’s CEO. “As marketers are increasingly aware, this socially-connected, always-on audience doesn’t respond well to traditional ‘static’ ad messages. Instead, they rapidly consume and share content that’s relevant to social and conversational trends right now. Campaigns with OneRiot enable brands to deliver targeted messages that are relevant to those trends as they emerge in realtime.”

OneRiot employs many innovative techniques to deliver realtime social targeting for its partners. One technology cornerstone is the company’s proprietary Trending Topics Engine. This analyzes streaming conversational data from leading social destinations – including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace – to surface the topics that are driving most engagement across social web networks right now. OneRiot then algorithmically matches relevant advertising campaign content to those topics in realtime, and delivers advertising messages that are targeted to users during key opportunities for social engagement.

The OneRiot network includes leading Twitter and Facebook apps like Ubertwitter, Echofon and Digsby; top media sharing sites like TinyPic and ImageShack; and popular realtime discovery services like Kosmix Tweetbeat. The network reaches in excess of 100m monthly unique users across search, display and mobile properties.

A new OneRiot website (, also launched today, offers simple ways for marketers to sign up for campaigns, and explains opportunities for app developers and website owners in the realtime social web space to become part of the growing OneRiot network.

OneRiot has been known as a leader in the realtime search space. The company’s new website removes consumer-facing search functionality and focuses exclusively on better serving advertising and network partners.

“We’ve been in the market with two products that leverage the same underlying technology platform: consumer-facing realtime search and an innovative advertising product that monetizes both realtime search the wider realtime social web,” says Peggs. “Our advertising platform has taken off like a rocket – both in terms of network growth and the number of advertisers who are seeking to engage with the social influencers across that network. Going forward, we’ll be focusing all our energy on this side of the business. It’s the right business decision – focusing means we’ll move faster and deliver more in this one area. Of course, realtime search is still very important to us, but future investment will be focused on our paid-search syndication product rather than our own organic search destination site. We syndicate millions of realtime search ads daily today for search partners – and expect that to grow significantly as consumer demand continues to drive that segment of the search industry forward. In addition, we’ll be rapidly extending our realtime social display advertising and mobile offerings – both of which are based on the same underlying technology platform, and both of which have grown like crazy in the last six months. All of this is great news for our advertisers and our network partners. In short, we’ll be fully focused on delivering highly effective digital campaigns that run across realtime search, display and mobile, helping our partners engage with social influencers on the realtime web.”

About OneRiot

OneRiot is the advertising network for the realtime social web. OneRiot partners with leading brands and media companies to reach millions of social influencers across an exclusive network of top Twitter apps, mobile apps, social networks and content discovery sites. Realtime campaigns with OneRiot build brand awareness, community engagement and drive viral social sharing.

OneRiot is a privately held company. Investors include Spark Capital, Commonwealth Capital Partners and Appian Ventures. For the latest company updates, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or read our blog. For interview inquires or any other questions, please email [email protected] or call 303-938-3504.