AudienceScience Selects Tumri as Preferred Partner to Power Dynamic Creative Solutions

AudienceScience Selects Tumri as Preferred Partner to Power Dynamic Creative Solutions

Tumri’s Ensemble self-serve platform powers industry leader’s audience-targeted creatives

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Tumri announced that AudienceScience selected Tumri as lead partner to power dynamic creative and offer optimization solutions for its global client base. AudienceScience is using Tumri Ensemble, a market-leading dynamic creative and offer optimization platform, to further increase audience targeting effectiveness for their Audience Delivery System.

Tumri and AudienceScience entered a beta partnership in September 2010, and since then have worked together to develop a dynamic display ad solution that offers more advanced targeting options for global brands. With a comprehensive set of applications– including automatic display ad optimization, dynamic product level retargeting and display ad personalization, along with analytics and insights – Tumri Ensemble is helping AudienceScience to build more effective, scalable, audience-targeted creatives.

“Tumri Ensemble arrives at a strategic time for AudienceScience. Considering our technology enhancements and global expansion, the self-serve platform makes our display ad creation process more streamlined and the results show incredible opportunity for faster, better, dynamic creative and offer optimization,” said Jeff Hirsch, president and CEO, AudienceScience. “With Tumri we’ve been able to improve the quality and speed of dynamic audience targeting, while helping our clients achieve greater performance with their display ad campaigns.”

Tumri Ensemble’s optimization and personalization combines with Audience Science’s data, audience insight and scalability to offer clients a more effective way to measure audience response and develop more comprehensive, targeted dynamic display ads. Now AudienceScience can optimize the best performing creatives and offer combinations in real-time. For example, if instant analysis on campaign data shows the blue background, the ‘Spring Break’ headline, and the 20% percent off discount messages are more engaging to a specified demographic, Tumri Ensemble can be set to automatically change background color, headline, steep discount, call-to-action, etc… for each targeted segment.

“The demand for data driven display advertising continues to rise at an unprecedented rate,” said Hari Menon, founder and CEO, Tumri. “Our partnership with AudienceScience is pushing the performance of display ad campaigns into a new realm of more personalized, more effective dynamic creative display ads.”

Tumri Ensemble offers an easy-to-use interface and an automated workflow that provides complete control over dynamic display ad campaigns. With Tumri Ensemble, partners and brand marketers and direct response advertisers can maximize the performance ROI of dynamic creatives and offer optimization with unmatched production scale, enhanced targeting and creative auto-optimization. Key features of the self-serve platform include:

Automatic Display Ad Optimization: Adaptive optimization of creative variations and offers at the most granular media and audience levels
Dynamic Product Level Retargeting: Retarget specific products and offers to customers based on their interests and prior actions.
Display Ad Personalization: Deliver highly personalized experiences at scale based on advertiser specified rules.
Research and Insights: Provide near real-time comprehensive and granular insights on creative, audience, media performance and performance attribution.
Learn more about Tumri Ensemble and Tumri’s entire suite of solutions here:

About AudienceScience

AudienceScience is the largest and most trusted audience aggregator in the world. As an early innovator of online advertising technology, AudienceScience continues to revolutionize the industry, enabling universal access to audiences and driving digital marketing success. The Audience Delivery System, a comprehensive global media solution, comprises the AudienceScience Gateway, the premier audience targeting and data management platform, delivering efficient and effective online advertising, and AudienceScience Connect, the industry’s first media transaction platform enabling streamlined and transparent premium media buying and selling, including state-of-the-industry Real Time Bidding support. With 270 billion data insights daily into over 386 million people worldwide, AudienceScience makes it simple to find, reach and achieve one-to-one marketing at scale. Since 2003, AudienceScience has delivered over 250,000 targeted campaigns for clients including American Airlines, Financial Times, Gannett, New York Times Digital,, T-Com, Orange, Terra, Telecom Italia and Wall Street Journal Digital. For more information, please visit and Follow AudienceScience on Twitter.

About Tumri

Tumri is the leading provider of dynamic creative optimization and personalization solutions for advertisers and agencies. The Tumri Ensemble platform combines next-generation ad-serving with dynamic creative production to enable real-time 1:1 personalized marketing at scale. With Tumri, marketers can effectively cross-sell and up-sell a catalog of products or services to their consumers based on a user’s actual site browse or action, driving maximum relevancy and ROI. Marketers also benefit from a powerful auto-optimization engine and dynamic creative reports that allows for a more accurate and timely view of campaign metrics. Tumri powers dynamic marketing campaigns for many of the world’s most prominent brands including Nike, HP and Travelocity among others. To date, Tumri has executed more campaigns, served more impressions and created more distinct dynamic creative experiences than anyone in the space.

Tumri was named a 2009 American Business Awards winner, an AlwaysOn 2010 and 2009 OnMedia 100 winner and a “One to Watch” company for Dealmaker Media’s 2007 Momentum Growth Conference. Tumri is funded by Accel Partners, Shasta Ventures, Tenaya Capital and Time Warner. Tumri is a member of Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). To learn more about Tumri visit or follow us on Twitter.