Grab Networks Partners with AdoTube to Expand Advertising Services and In-Video Ad Formats

Grab Networks to offer AdoTube’s Polite Preroll® in-stream advertising, Ad Selector, Overlays, and other premium advertising formats to advertising clients worldwide

NEW YORK – Grab Networks, the Web’s premiere online media company that creates custom video audience networks for advertisers, announced a partnership with AdoTube™, a leader in the online video advertising space, that will expand its advertising offerings by implementing AdoTube’s technology platform and full suite of premium services. The AdoTube platform will enable Grab Networks to meet rising client demand by providing advertisers with access to advanced in-video advertising formats.

“With the continued growth of the online video market, Grab Networks is committed to delivering the best video content and consumer connection opportunities for our advertisers,” Alvin Bowles, Grab Networks CEO said. “Integrating AdoTube’s premium products into our service offerings allows us to take advantage of current market opportunities and provide additional advertising options for our customers.”

Grab Networks’ advertisers will also benefit from AdoTube’s creative services, allowing them to easily create or leverage existing online advertising assets. Among those formats of particular client value, Grab Networks will be offering AdoTube’s Polite Preroll® which enables viewers to retract or ‘close out’ of video ads. Viewers who opt out of brand messages proceed to their desired video with an overlay appearing to remind users to view the ad when ready. Recent A/B testing proved that – when compared to standard pre-roll – Polite Preroll has a higher view-through rate and a 36% higher retention rate. These formats enhance in-stream video advertising and increase purchase intent.

“AdoTube’s partnership provides advertisers more options and a unified tool-set via Grab Networks’ content network, allowing advertisers to seamlessly leverage multiple creative formats that drive user engagement,” said Constantine Goltsev, CEO, AdoTube. “By continuing to optimize the in-stream video ad experience for viewers with multiple engaging formats, Grab Networks can lower video abandonment rates, increase user retention rates and ultimately drive more ad revenue.”


AdoTube is a complete in-stream/in-video solution that enables each part of the industry (agencies, advertisers and publishers) to have easy and efficient access to in-stream ads. AdoTube’s platform includes the AdoTube Ad Network, Publisher Management Tool (PUMA), In-Stream Ad Exchange (AdEx), Network Partner Console for third party networks, and Creative Services. AdoTube’s complete platform helps each part of the industry to deliver high-quality, in-stream advertising solutions through a quick, easy and cost efficient platform. AdoTube is headquartered in New York, with offices in California and Europe. To learn more about AdoTube, become a partner, or see their solutions for agencies, advertisers, publishers and ad networks, visit

Grab Networks

Grab Networks is the Web’s premiere online media company that distributes video content and advertising through an exclusive collection of premium publishers. As an ad-supported, video-only global network with a monthly unique audience of more than 15 million viewers, Grab Networks sources short-form video content from leading media companies and distributes programming with the ability for monetization through advertising. Grab Networks is headquartered in Washington DC, with offices in New York and San Francisco. For additional information, visit