RAMP Issued Two New Patents Supporting Core MediaCloud Platform

RAMP’s unique intellectual property for time-coded metadata creation and application now protected by 31 issued and pending patents

WOBURN, Mass. – RAMP, the industry’s leading Content Optimization platform for major online media publishers, announced that the company has been issued two additional patents for its core MediaCloudTM platform.

Patent 7,801,910, a Method and Apparatus for Timed Tagging of Media Content, covers a method of associating tags with times in media content, which can be used to create a timed segment index of those tags. This patent supports core RAMP product features such as identifying segments of a video episode enabling users to “Jump-To” specific moments within that video.

Patent 8,001,066, a System and Methods for improving speech recognition results via user-augmentation of a database using user feedback to improve speech model training for multimedia content. This patent covers RAMP’s ability to further extend its leadership position in the automated transcription of audio and video content.

“RAMP’s technology and intellectual property pedigree is a valuable component of our business,” said Tom Wilde, RAMP CEO. “These particular patents cover applications that are increasingly relevant as online video continues to experience explosive growth. RAMP’s core MediaCloud platform and award winning applications deliver the next generation of online video and search experiences and unlock new business models for our customers.”

About RAMP

RAMP has developed the Web’s first Content Optimization platform, and is the only universal solution for all types of web content – video, audio, text and images. Using RAMP, clients are able to fully leverage the value of all of their content assets by driving increased discovery across search and social sites, enhance user engagement through dynamic search and publishing solutions, and maximize revenue through sophisticated advertising capabilities.