Adtoma Selects Starcounter’s High Performance Database to Support Its Live Adserve Application

Online advertising and media management company uses object oriented database to streamline its Fusion software solution

STOCKHOLM – Starcounter announced that Adtoma, an online advertising and media management company, has deployed its database for Adtoma’s live adserve application, Fusion. Chosen for its high performance and object oriented design, the Starcounter database enables Fusion to process large volumes of data and complex calculations in real time.

Adtoma’s Fusion integrates and streamlines the entire media supply chain, simplifying an organization’s workflow, from proposal through orders and sales management to advertising operations, resulting in a dramatic increase in efficiency and reliability. To do this, Fusion needs to make complex calculations of inventory in real time, free from database conflicts. Therefore, Adtoma needed a high performance database capable of handling large volumes of fast, real-time data.

Starcounter meets this need, offering an in-memory database that processes millions of ACID-compliant database transactions per second on a single server. In addition, the Starcounter database reduces the development and any bug-tracking efforts by cutting the number of lines of code, resulting in time and cost savings.

“To better serve our customers, we needed a fast object oriented database that was easy to use, and would also work with our .NET platform,” said Niklas Björkman, CTO of Adtoma. “We evaluated several databases on the market, and Starcounter fit the bill. With Starcounter’s incredibly fast in-memory database, we can ensure that our customers receive a comprehensive and high performance adserve system at a lower cost.”

“Adtoma’s Fusion required a database that enables high volumes of complex calculations to be made in real time without sacrificing performance,” said Asa Holmstrom, CEO of Starcounter. “We’re pleased to provide Adtoma with our next generation database and enable them to offer customers a powerful and comprehensive adserve application.”

About Starcounter

Starcounter is a database development company dedicated to providing the world’s highest performing database. Founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Joachim Wester, Starcounter’s goal is to simplify database processing while cutting costs. Its technology is ACID compliant, and performs best with high transactional, real-time applications. To learn more, visit

About Adtoma

Adtoma is an online advertising and media management company. The company’s flagship product offering is Fusion – a powerful software solution that integrates and streamlines the entire media supply chain process, including CRM, proposals, inventory and sales management, advertising operations, and business intelligence, resulting in a dramatic increase in efficiency and visibility. Fusion combines the essential business functions of multiple systems in the most comprehensive and intuitive application on the market, tailored exclusively for online ad-sales organizations. Adtoma’s clients are some of the world’s leading media companies.

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