quadrantONE Debuts Three Essential Ad Management Solutions for Marketers

Delivering New Levels of Closed-loop Targeting and Measurement Solutions at Scale

NEW YORK – quadrantONE, a leading provider of robust audience management and optimization solutions has introduced three data driven products for advertisers. Each product addresses an area of critical consideration for ad marketers operating in today’s cross-platform ad environment and seeking ad solutions that leverage audience intelligence and performance measurement. These products – PRIME, TRIO and MONTAGE – represent a comprehensive suite of targeted ad solutions to provide marketers access to audiences and actionable insights to improve a campaign’s ROI.

The Role of Acxiom in these Products

Acxiom provides to its partners an extensive national database of consumer data covering more than 144 million households and 211 million individuals. The company delivers data that brings a realm of insights about consumers’ attitudes, behaviors and preferences, along with interests in industry-specific products and services.

“We are excited to offer a new level of personalization in marketing programs,” said Michael Schwalbert, managing account director, Acxiom’s Distribution Partners Group. “The combination of this properly sourced and permissioned data enables our clients to truly engage with their customers, delivering a higher degree of marketing efficiency.”

Benefits of PRIME

PRIME is quadrantONE’s targeted advertising and engagement solution, empowering marketers to use their primary data asset – their customer file – to increase brand awareness and deliver personalized advertising to the right audiences always at the right time during the consumer lifecycle. PRIME leverages two key data sets at the same time: customer data and sales data – delivering newfound levels of precise segmentation, accurate modeling and measurement. The solution is ideal for companies and marketers with a strong database orientation who have been seeking options to innovate with their data at unprecedented scale.

Benefits of TRIO

Combining the benefits of data, rich media and dynamic creative optimization, TRIO localizes ad engagement by leveraging geographic and audience segmentation to deliver targeted messaging to audience segments that are geographically based. Within this environment, brands now can execute such targeting at great scale and precision – working across 350+ brand safe news and information sites and uncovering the most precise combination of audience composition, engagement and performance, all delivered while campaigns are in flight.

Benefits of MONTAGE

MONTAGE is quadrantONE’s turn-key cross-platform video engagement solution, combining multiple video engagement points to ensure maximum exposure and optimal frequency for video campaigns. While it takes full advantage of traditional in-banner video that leverages audience based targeting, it can also include high-impact sliding billboards, pre-roll, mobile video, and tablets for integrated solutions – it offers an unprecedented nimble experience for operators. It simplifies the creative process by leveraging already created video assets and streamlined execution and measurement utility throughout.

Together, these products greatly enhance the active ad marketer’s tools set, “National brands have always valued local engagement on branded local media,” said Mario Diez, CEO of quadrantONE. “Finally, these solutions answer the repeated request by our marketing partners for better tools across the great local publishing industry.”

The story first appeared in MediaPost.

About quadrantONE

quadrantONE is owned by Gannett, Hearst, The New York Times Company, and Tribune. quadrantONE’s audience platform provides brands with consistent localized media engagements, scale across multiple DMAs, holistic data & analytics across brand safe premium publishing news and information sites, and the convenience of one point of contact to execute buys across multiple media properties. The company is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Chicago, Detroit, Dallas and Los Angeles.