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Convertro Introduces Advanced User Matching to Measure Ads Cross-Device

Convertro Introduces Advanced User Matching to Measure Ads Cross-Device

First-of-its-Kind Capabilities Allow Marketers to Measure User Behavior Across Multiple Devices to Determine Effectiveness of TV and Online Ad Campaigns

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Convertro, which optimizes ad campaign effectiveness using cross-attribution of offline and online channels, announced the availability of Convertro Advanced User Matching, the only technology to allow marketers to directly gain insight into the behavior of users as they move between multiple devices and browsers. The capability, which is part of Convertro’s customer-path-based platform, gives marketers complete, anonymous user behavior data so they can make more effective decisions about cross-device campaigns and increase conversions in a consumer landscape where multi-device use is now the norm.

Convertro Advanced User Matching takes anonymous user identifiers and links them with identifiers across multiple devices. This allows Convertro to determine the path that an anonymous user took in navigating a company’s marketing collateral prior to conversion, no matter where or on what device the interactions took place. Convertro does not collect any personally identifiable information in retrieving this data, keeping consumer privacy top-of-mind; Convertro complies with not just the letter of the law when it comes to privacy, but the spirit and the intent of the law, as well.

Advanced User Matching is an essential capability in an environment in which the average consumer owns 1.57 mobile devices and constantly switches between them as she interacts with various websites, search engines, and email systems. This feature gives marketers a complete, anonymous view of the combined browsing session data and the key conversion metrics required to understand which ad units are most profitable across multiple platforms, including online, television, radio, print and direct mail.

Antonio Guzman, digital marketing manager at Convertro customer Indochino, said, “Advanced User Matching reveals a clear pattern of visitors switching between computers and mobile devices as they interact with our site. We can see which channels reach users on which devices, and which assets reach customers regardless of the devices they use. With a more accurate view of our customers, we can prioritize and optimize our channels to drive conversions.”

By matching user and device data, Convertro uses its big data capabilities to reveal insights into the path a customer takes as she navigates through information and moves between devices, such as computers, smartphones and tablets. For example, if a user sees a television ad, does an immediate search on her iPad, and then makes a purchase on her laptop a week later, Convertro links the data sets so marketers can holistically evaluate the user’s behavior pattern, not just isolated, device-specific actions. This has benefits such as allowing advertisers to directly observe the effectiveness of ads on television in driving conversions across other marketing channels.

“For marketers to make effective decisions, they need to see the complete customer experience story: that the user watched the ad on television, immediately conducted a search on her tablet, looked the product up days later on her smartphone, and finally made a purchase via her laptop. That’s the kind of information that gives marketers what they need to build more profitable campaigns, and no one but Convertro can provide it,” said Jeff Zwelling, CEO of Convertro.

To learn more about Advanced User Matching, please visit www.convertro.com, or contact Convertro at [email protected].

About Convertro

Convertro provides today’s leading brands and agencies with a marketing optimization platform and results engine that tracks and calculates the ROI of every marketing touchpoint across all media, including online, television, radio, call center, print, direct mail, and more. Using numerous patent-pending technologies and remaining fully compliant with privacy and security regulations, Convertro’s customer path attribution allows advertisers to measure all customer activity leading to a conversion, even across multiple devices. Simply put, Convertro allows users to move money from inefficient and fraudulent marketing sources to profitable ones, dramatically improving results. Convertro is based in Santa Monica and maintains offices in New York and Israel. For more information, visit www.convertro.com or find us on Twitter at @convertro or on LinkedIn.


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