Convertro, Media Design Group Partner to Improve TV Ad Spending Results

Dollar Shave Club and other Media Design Group customers leverage Convertro to test, measure and improve broadcast campaign returns

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Convertro, which provides a platform to measure and optimize ad campaign effectiveness using multi-channel attribution of offline and online channels, announced the addition of Media Design Group, a full-service direct response TV advertising agency, to its partner program. By its joining of Convertro’s partner program, Media Design Group customers now have the means to measure the efficacy of broadcast marketing and adjust their budgets and media buying accordingly to improve results. This announcement comes after Media Design Group had been working with Convertro for client Dollar Shave Club, a lifestyle company known for its irreverent online videos, to answer the critical question, “Is TV advertising right for our brand?

“Is TV advertising right for our brand?”

With so many choices, advertisers must determine whether to invest in broadcast marketing or shift their budgets to online assets. Many marketers have been shifting ad spend to online sources because they have been unable to accurately measure channels like broadcast TV. However, for emerging brands with broad audience targets, TV marketing remains a proven strategy with mass reach. Furthermore, proper attribution reveals that TV advertising often provides more return on investment than digital advertising options. Advertisers can make better spending decisions and ensure the value of their TV investments by leveraging the Convertro platform, which includes the most advanced attribution algorithms available in the market to analyze traffic, behavior, and conversion metrics associated with individual TV spots. Doing so gives marketers the same level of measurability for broadcast TV as they have for online and digital channels. Recognizing this, Media Design Group has deployed this technology to great success.

“With Convertro, we can see the full impact and profitability of individual TV spots. We can show our clients what portion of direct visits result from their television ads, as well as determine a spot’s impact on online channels, such as search, display and affiliate,” said Ben Zimmerman, executive vice president at Media Design Group. “Based on attribution analysis from Convertro, we were able to help our client Dollar Shave Club improve its TV campaign cost per order by almost 49 percent. And, based on improvements to overall results and comparison to other channels, they ended up increasing their overall TV ad budget by almost 67 percent. We are now helping other clients achieve this same success.”

Convertro’s data-driven measurement and optimization platform answers key questions that clients ask their media agencies. These include:

· Is offline media generating a positive return on investment?
· What is the cost per action?
· Which TV networks, programs and creatives are generating the most profit?
· What mix of TV creative length is most efficient?
· Which days or times are most effective?

The technology to track offline touchpoints is only part of what Convertro does. By tracking customer behavior across devices, covering all online and offline channels, utilizing fully automated cost feeds, and doing this all in a privacy compliant way, Convertro has the most accurate and advanced attribution system available today. This not only answers the questions above, it provides the insights and recommendations that allow Media Design Group to work with customers to intelligently reallocate budget across all of their marketing expenditures to maximize results and improve their bottom lines.

“Some agencies give clients nothing but audience ratings and skewed viewer data to justify their TV ad buys. Media Design Group had the foresight to see that attribution would allow it to test, measure and improve its results – a win-win for the agency and its clients,” said Jeff Zwelling, CEO of Convertro. “With Convertro, agencies can collect and analyze complete customer path data to detect which brand efforts generate the most profit. As brands generate more profit with their advertising, they increase their ad spend through their agencies.”


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Convertro is setting a new standard in marketing attribution and optimization technology, providing today’s leading brands and agencies with a platform that tracks and calculates the ROI of every marketing touchpoint across all media, including online, television, radio, call center, print, direct mail, and more. Using numerous patent-pending technologies, remaining fully compliant with privacy and security regulations, and using the most advanced regression models available in the industry today, Convertro’s customer path attribution allows advertisers to measure all customer activity leading to a conversion, even across multiple devices. Simply put, Convertro allows users to move money from inefficient and fraudulent marketing sources to profitable ones, dramatically improving results. Convertro is based in Santa Monica and maintains offices in New York and Israel. For more information, visit or find us on Twitter at @convertro or on LinkedIn.