OwnerIQ’s New Pre-Roll Capability Targets In-market Shoppers

New video capability is powered by unique retailer, manufacturer and e-commerce data

BOSTON – OwnerIQ, the inventor of Path to Purchase Media, has announced the launch of its new pre-roll product, which will enable advertisers to target shoppers from specific premium retailers and other top e-commerce websites with pre-roll impressions as they browse the web.

“Brands spend millions of dollars on national and local TV advertising to support their retail channel”

OwnerIQ’s unique targeting solutions enable advertisers to target online ad messages to consumers based on the products and brands that they are browsing on e-commerce and transactional websites. Early last year, the company launched its Retailer Branded Audience product, a targeting solution comprised of the website audiences of specific premium retailers – giving brands a unique way to drive sell-through in their retail channel with their online ad dollars. Through its in-house demand-side platform, OPTMS, OwnerIQ is now able to combine pre-roll inventory with targeting data based on consumers’ browsing behavior on their retail partners’ websites.

OwnerIQ believes this will be a game changer for many of their brand advertisers that sell products through retail. “Sight, sound and motion is still one of the most effective methods to deliver a brand message to consumers,” said OwnerIQ CEO and Cofounder Jay Habegger. “Today, brands that deploy video assets, whether through TV or digital, to support their retail channel have limited targeting options. We are offering these brands a way to get their video ad in front of consumers who have explicitly identified themselves as a shopper of a specific retailer.”

In addition to online video buyers, Nick Vallante, Media Director at Carat thinks these types of solutions will be attractive to TV buyers as well. “Brands spend millions of dollars on national and local TV advertising to support their retail channel,” said Vallante. “While it is still an effective medium, it can be very expensive and have a notable percentage of waste due to its targeting limits. Solutions like OwnerIQ’s pre-roll product are interesting because they can be a very efficient way to extend the reach of our TV campaigns against our retailers’ customers, making it a good complement to our TV buys.”

Habegger says that the company’s OPTMS platform is integrated with the major video inventory platforms, which gives it access to approximately 90% of all pre-roll inventory available via RTB (real-time bidding) in the US and Canada.

This story appeared first in the E-Commerce Times.

About OwnerIQ

OwnerIQ is pioneering the concept of Path to Purchase Media. They transform consumers’ interactions with products and brands along the path to purchase into powerful new online advertising solutions and marketing channels.

The companies’ Path to Purchase targeting solutions are powered by their unique data and technology. Their data is directly sourced from over 300 data partners comprised of some of the most popular websites used by consumers along the path to purchase: Retailers, Manufacturers, Price Comparison Engines, Coupon Websites, and Product Support Sites.

OwnerIQ’s technology was designed specifically to maximize the performance of their unique Path to Purchase data in the world of programmatic buying. CoEx is their data management platform (DMP) which tags and catalogues over 1 billion consumer product and brand interactions per month. OPTMS is their demand side platform (DSP) which is integrated with every major inventory pool – seeing billions of pre-filtered advertising opportunities via real-time bid (RTB) daily.