Ad-Juster Update: Site-Level Data Breakout Feature Available for DFP Premium

Ad-Juster recently added the capability to break out data by ad unit (aka site and zone) in DFP Premium.

If a digital publisher delivers creatives across multiple sites and need prorated 3rd party impression and click counts broken out at those levels for your customers, both internal and external, then this may be a feature you would be interested in talking to Ad-Juster about.

The upside to breaking this data down by site is that it will allow the system to generate reports that will show delivery counts down to the individual site and zone (or any implementation specific breakout) which is particularly important for networks and inventory resellers that have to turn around campaign revenues back out to partner sites.

Reports at the site/zone level will have 3rd party delivery data pro-rated and distributed across all the site / zones to reduce the manual labor required to make these calculations.

For more information please contact Ad-Juster at [email protected].

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