Pacing Report: Show Me the Money! – How-To Use Ad-Juster

One of the best-kept secrets among the Ad-Juster reports is the Pacing Report. This report provides teams insight into overall campaign pacing and revenue forecasting.

So, what are the details of this report? Well, for one, it will show the overall delivery pacing of a campaign over time. This is particularly beneficial to get a broad overview of any long-term flights. This data is based off the third-party reported numbers taking into account the length of the flight.

Additionally, it will also detail the REVENUE AT RISK based on the campaign over or under-delivering. This calculation is based off the CPM versus the third-party numbers and current delivery based on flight. Under-delivering lines are a risk due to that contracted impression amount potentially being unfulfilled thus risking the campaign. By identifying these lines, Ad Managers can avoid non-delivery on their campaigns potentially resulting in a costly “make-good” utilizing premium inventory. Conversely, the risk of an over-delivery is that valuable inventory is not being properly utilized and by identifying these cases the line items can be optimized to ensure inventory is being used for maximum revenue yield.

NOTE: To get revenue at risk data, you are required to have the “Contracted Impressions” column populated.

When creating a new report in the Ad-Juster, simply go to the “Report Type” drop-down and choose between “Ad-Juster Pacing Report Scheduled Imps.xlsx”, “Ad-Juster Pacing Report New.xlsx”, or “Ad-Juster Pacing Report Custom Date.xlsx”, depending on the pacing data that you wish to view.

Lastly, this report may be a great help to your sales team by allowing them to look back at past campaigns to measure performance metrics.