Topsy Enables Brands to Find In-Market Consumers in the Social Stream

New Boolean Search Feature in Topsy Pro Allows Brands to Surface Purchase Intent and Target In-Market Consumers With Personalized Content and Social Ads

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Topsy, the premier social analytics platform for real-time discovery and marketing, today launched a new feature in Topsy Pro that allows brands to find and reach in-market consumers on Twitter through real-time Boolean search. For the first time, brands will be able to identify people who are actively searching for products and services — by location — and target them with personalized content, offers, and relevant social ads.

Topsy Pro already gives users the best way to spot trends, track sentiment, and identify key influencers relevant to their business with keywords and phrases. Topsy’s new Boolean search capability enables users to conduct a search with multiple keywords and Boolean operators, such as “AND” and “OR,” and instantly get results that indicate intent. For example, a car dealership in Los Angeles can search for “Toyota Camry” AND “I want” and then identify and reach out to local in-market consumers with a unique offer or an ad, or simply start up a conversation.

While other social analytics products require brands to create collection rules around particular terms and only provide results on a forward-looking basis, Topsy Pro lets users explore, discover, and change their Boolean searches as they gain new insights, instantly delivering results that go back to July 2010.

Topsy’s new Boolean search capabilities allow brands to:

  • Directly target in-market consumers on Twitter. Brands can find in-market consumers interested in products or services they offer and engage with them immediately on Twitter.
  • Create highly relevant, targeted ads. Brands can use the new feature to create lists of consumers who are actively looking for products and services and target them with relevant Twitter ads and offers.
  • Find local prospects. Brands can use Topsy’s new geo-location features in conjunction with a Boolean search to find in-market consumers in a particular area.
  • Compare demand for competing products. Companies can use Topsy Pro’s new Boolean search capability to spot the most talked about brand or product. For example, comparing a search for “I want” AND “Apple TV” with a search for “I want” AND “Roku” would show which of the two products are in most demand.

“While consumers routinely use social channels to express their intent to buy products, brands haven’t had an easy way to identify these people, because Boolean search was only available via pre-set collection rules,” said Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, co-founder and chief scientist at Topsy. “With Topsy’s new Boolean search capabilities, brands can now find and reach in-market consumers in real time and target them directly.”

About Topsy
Topsy is the premier social analytics platform for real-time discovery and marketing. By giving customers the power to explore any question or topic using real-time public social data, Topsy helps to uncover unexpected insights and answer critical questions.

Many of the largest global brands, advertising agencies, media organizations, and technology companies use Topsy as their day-to-day social dashboard. Topsy gives them instant, meaningful insights into a wide variety of questions — everything from spotting emerging trends and surfacing real-time marketing opportunities to optimizing social presence during live events. And because Topsy’s index of social data extends back several years, organizations can also use it to analyze long-term trends and understand how conversations have changed over time.

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