Tremor Video Launches Video Monetization Platform for Established and Emerging Premium Publishers

Bonnier Corp, USA TODAY Sports, Young Hollywood and 40 Other Leading Publishers Sign On To Monetize Video Inventory Programmatically Through Tremor Video’s Supply Side Platform (SSP)

NEW YORK – Tremor Video, Inc. (NYSE:TRMR), an advertising technology company elevating brand performance across all screens for the world’s leading brands and publishers, announced significant momentum with its programmatic video platform for premium publishers, building on its long-standing relationships with a wide range of publishers. Leading established and emerging media companies including Bonnier Corp, USA TODAY Sports, Young Hollywood and 40 other publishers have signed on to one of the most advanced video monetization platforms in the industry.

“USA TODAY Sports has been a partner of Tremor Video’s for years through its premium media network and we’re excited to extend this relationship”

Tremor Video has created a unique and powerful video monetization platform to serve the needs of both established brands like USA Today Sports and emerging premium brands such as Young Hollywood that provides them with advanced monetization tools through a simple intuitive interface. With the explosive growth of video consumption on mobile, tablets and PCs, both established and emerging brands are accelerating the distribution of video content on digital platforms. Tremor Video’s platform provides an ease of distribution that enables them to efficiently monetize their content.

“Tremor Video has a successful track record of working with premium video publishers and we believe we understand their needs better than platforms that come from a display and direct response world,” said Manish Jha, President, Publisher Platforms. “The reason that leading content brands like USA TODAY Sports, Young Hollywood, the portfolio of brands housed under Bonnier Corp and 40 others have signed on to leverage our platform is that Tremor Video brings expertise, tools, and services that protect publishers incumbent businesses, while helping them maximize the value of exploding digital video consumption across devices.”

Tremor Video’s SSP provides publishers the tools and controls to manage inventory across platforms and devices. Compliant with IAB’s Open RTB 2.2 specifications, the platform leverages server to server integrations with demand sources to facilitate a robust auction environment, helping maximize revenue and fill rates. The controls enhance the value to publishers by providing transparency tools, enabling the optimum level of transparency for the right advertiser or category. The SSP empowers publishers to create invite only auctions, or private marketplaces, so only selected advertisers have the opportunity to buy a given publisher’s inventory.

Publishers are also able to leverage first and third party data and expose inventory and data selectively to advertisers, helping optimize revenue and quality of advertisers. Tremor Video’s SSP enables publishers to define advertiser and category level black and white lists to manage potential sales channel conflicts in their direct advertiser relationships.

“After a three-year partnership, Tremor Video’s customer service and publisher account management have proven to be top notch,” said Sean Holzman, Chief Digital Revenue Officer at Bonnier. “They have a long history and successful track record of understanding premium video content, which is critical to us as we monetize our content as effectively as possible.”

“USA TODAY Sports has been a partner of Tremor Video’s for years through its premium media network and we’re excited to extend this relationship,” said Chris Pirrone, General Manager, Sports Digital Properties, USA TODAY Sports Media Group. “Partnering with Tremor Video allows us to focus on growing and investing in quality content, knowing that they will match up quality demand with our premium video inventory.”

“We need a video ad partner who can help us maximize the value of our rapidly growing portfolio of content in a way that we can easily customize to our needs and that provides us transparency regarding demand pricing and sources,” said RJ Williams, CEO of Young Hollywood. “We had never seen the transparency controls Tremor Video has in place and that’s one of the leading reasons we chose them.”

Built from the ground up for premium video Tremor Video’s SSP is one of the most advanced video monetization platforms in the industry. Publishers can choose to utilize the platform on a managed- or self-service basis.

About Tremor Video

Tremor Video (NYSE:TRMR) helps make every advertising moment more relevant for consumers. The company’s heritage as custodians of the most recognized advertiser and publisher brands is built on leadership in all-screen analytics and a long-standing commitment to transparency. Our platform offers the full spectrum of video ad products and services, including programmatic buying and selling and analytics that connect the two.