People Pattern Launches to Convert Public Data Into Audience Insight

Audience Insights platform uses advanced data science techniques to connect unstructured data (posts, tweets, commentary, reviews) with marketing personas and segments

AUSTIN, Texas – People Pattern launched its Audience Insights platform, accompanied by a full set of APIs and services, that converts public, unstructured data into meaningful audience insights. With People Pattern, brands can accurately predict and segment audiences using public data and any demographic and psychographic classifiers they choose, helping them gain an edge in the race to win, retain and serve customers.

Brands have amassed vast social audiences, but know extraordinarily little about the demographics, interests, attitudes and opinions of audience members

“Brands have amassed vast social audiences, but know extraordinarily little about the demographics, interests, attitudes and opinions of audience members,” said Ken Cho, founder and CEO of People Pattern, who previously founded and led social media marketing platform Spredfast. “To move ahead, brands need to find a fast, economical way to get value out of the vast amounts of public, unstructured data that is available to them on the Internet and social networks. People Pattern provides real data science to harness and understand public expression, and connect public data to audience segments and personas that fuel marketing.”

Led by Cho and University of Texas computational linguistics professor Jason Baldridge, People Pattern is built from ground up to help brands harness public, unstructured data to quickly and economically answer fundamental marketing questions:

  • Who is paying attention to my brand? How about my competitor?
  • Who is my social audience? What is their age & gender? Where are they located? What is their income? Are they parents? Are they married?
  • What are their interests? What challenges do they face? What do they value?

Brands rely on People Pattern to inform market research, lead generation, content development and management, and media planning and media strategy.

The Audience Insight Platform

With People Pattern’s industry-first Audience Insight platform, marketing leaders can append any unstructured data (public posts, tweets, blog commentary, ratings and reviews) with structured data (CRM, customer loyalty, transactional) to accurately predict audience segments using demographics, interests and media behaviors. All data can be fully integrated with CRM and marketing automation behind the enterprise firewall and provides an economical, efficient and accurate path to insight and informed action – within 1% of traditional market research in under a week.

How it works: The People Pattern Audience Insight platform uses natural language processing and machine-learned algorithms to identify and classify personas from data sets across multiple sources, helping brands define and illuminate high-value audiences and empower marketing efforts. Core platform capabilities include:

  • Stitch: People Pattern’s platform uses advanced data science techniques including probabilistic string matching to stitch proprietary customer data to open social data to provide context around an audience. The platform also disambiguates social media profiles, using rule-based and clustering algorithms, and unifies public posts, comments and tweets.
  • Predict: The People Pattern technology uses data science methods to predict demographics, interests and digital behavior for audience members. This analysis provides the ability to facet an audience on a granular level and powers advanced audience computations.
  • Classify: Advanced predictive modeling and exploratory data analysis illuminates segments, personas and influencers along demographic and psychographic dimensions. Personas are broken down in three key ways: defined personas by vertical; discovered personas based on correlated interests; and bespoke, client-defined personas.

People Pattern provides API access to the platform, allowing for integration with existing internal capabilities for more in-depth audience analysis and targeting. People Pattern client services work closely with brands and agencies to use data-driven insights to inform content strategy, competitive analysis, brand positioning, influencer outreach and paid media campaigns.

Pricing and Availability

People Pattern charges a platform license fee based on data ingestion and usage. For more information, please contact [email protected].

About People Pattern

People Pattern provides the data sciences infrastructure for enterprise-class audience intelligence and segmentation. The company helps the world’s largest brands use massive unstructured data to gain insight into audiences of current and prospective buyers, and reach high-value consumers through targeted traditional and digital programs. People Pattern’s expertise spans major verticals, including CPG, food and beverage, technology and finance. For more information, please visit