Adform Launches Global Programmatic Publisher Ad Server

Adform, the premier ad tech partner for publishers, global media agencies, trading desks, and advertisers, today announced a new ad server for publishers around the world looking to maximize yield and increase sell-through rates.  Adform’s Programmatic Publisher Ad Server (PPAS) is an innovative option for publishers looking to leverage inventory, traditional sales workflow and programmatic channels.

PPAS is powered by Adform’s Perfect Priority technology, which allows guaranteed deals and real time bidding to compete on every impression. The system compares line items in real time, determining which deal will yield the highest CPM while ensuring the delivery of direct sold campaigns and full brand protection at all times. PPAS also includes robust forecasting tools for both direct sold and programmatic channels, giving publishers the ability to know exactly what to promise clients.

“Many publishers have been slow to adopt programmatic strategies because of the perceived threat they pose to existing, high value direct sales channels. We created the Programmatic Publisher Ad Server to address these concerns and provide a solution for publishers who want to maintain a direct sales channel, while also embracing the power of programmatic. This new solution ensures that publishers maximize yield regardless of whether inventory is sold programmatically or through direct deals,” said Gustav Mellentin, Adform CEO.

PPAS is the first product in Adform’s Publisher Edge solutions suite and is fully integrated with Adform’s Private Marketplace, DMP, extensive creative toolset and soon to be launched SSP. The company has a steady stream of new products planned for release throughout 2015 and continues to focus on ensuring a brand-friendly, fraud-free programmatic environment for its rapidly expanding global client base.

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