Adform Sets a New Standard for Transparency and Efficiency with Independent PwC Review of Adform FLOW

In May 2020, the digital advertising industry was rocked by a comprehensive two-year research project initiated by the ISBA and AOP in the UK. The research, which was executed by PwC carried out an extensive investigation that mapped the digital supply chain. The report found that a full 49% of advertiser ad spend never reached the publishers, with 15% falling into an “unknown delta”.   

This illustrated a long-standing critique of the complex and fragmented programmatic industry, where a lack of standards creates significant business impacts for advertisers and publishers alike. As a continued part of Adform’s focus on transparency and commitment to delivering industry leading solutions, the company’s senior leadership requested the same PwC team carry out an extensive audit of Adform’s recently released Adform FLOW platform. The audit included tests on match rate, transparency, accuracy of reporting and increased efficiency. To download the full report, fill in the form below.

Raising the Bar for Analysis and Transparency in Ad Tech with Sam Tomlinson, Partner at PwC

“Our team at PwC is absolutely committed to a trusted, transparent marketing ecosystem and that is what underpinned the programmatic study that we published this year with ISBA and the AOP. Now we are really excited to see Adform take this step, demonstrate its commitment to transparency by subjecting its tech stack to independent testing by us.”
Partner, PwC Marketing & Media Assurance

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