Maxifier Working With The Atlantic to Offer Viewability and Performance Uplift

NEW YORK, NY –  Maxifier, the leader in total performance optimization, today announced that The Atlantic is successfully using its ADMAX optimization platform to overcome the dual challenge of delivering both viewability and performance goals for advertisers.

With an increasing number of RFPs (Request for Proposals) focusing on in-view rate, The Atlantic has been working with Maxifier to deliver to these requests by ensuring that campaigns are optimized to run on the best performing sites, positions, and formats to deliver in-view rate uplift. At the same time, they are also able to factor in performance optimization to address the advertiser’s desire to achieve specific campaign performance KPIs.

“Maxifier is helping us deliver very impressive results for our advertisers,” said David Minkin, Executive Director of Revenue Operations at The Atlantic. “In the last month alone, optimizing on in-view rate has boosted campaign viewability by double-digits, at the same time delivering significant CTR performance improvements. For a number of campaigns, we have even been achieving CTR uplifts of more than 100 percent.”

“A key challenge for publishers is how to take the insights from viewability reports and apply them to campaigns to drive improved viewability,” said Maxifier CEO Denise Colella. “While for many, optimization is very manual and time consuming, factoring in additional data points around viewability makes this increasingly complex. We are delighted to be working with The Atlantic to drive greater performance through optimization and ensure that they can respond to and secure a greater proportion of RFPs.”

About Maxifier

Maxifier is the global leader in total performance optimization, enabling premium publishers and media companies to unlock and maximize the value of their inventory. Maxifier’s ADMAX technology is specifically designed to optimize around premium, high-value inventory, bringing visibility, control, transparency, and viewability to the often-cumbersome process of campaign optimization. The ADMAX suite reduces the time ad operations teams spend on optimization so they can focus on higher yields, increasing revenue, and securing a greater proportion of future media budgets. With offices in the U.S., UK, Japan, and Russia, Maxifier analyzes 500 billion impressions annually to drive premium inventory and optimization for more than 44,000 campaigns for leading publishers and media companies.

via Blast PR