Industry First: Nativo Guarantees Human Impressions for Native Advertising

Native Advertising Leader Announces the Industry’s First Initiative to Eliminate Fraudulent Traffic From Marketers’ Branded Content Campaigns

LOS ANGELES, CA – Bot fraud no longer has to be a concern to native advertising programs, thanks to Nativo. Today, Nativo announced it is the first native technology provider to offer a human traffic guarantee for brand marketers’ native advertising campaigns. Building on their recent 100% viewability guarantee, Nativo is taking another powerful and proactive stance to drive transparency and value for marketers, this time filtering out fraudulent activity in the native advertising marketplace and protecting clients from media investment waste. Nativo’s guarantee of human impressions to clients’ content advertising programs extends the company’s fundamental focus on fostering the highest quality, non-interruptive consumer experiences and the most advanced native ad technology suite available to marketers and premium publishers.

“Transparency and quality are paramount to brand marketers,” said Moat CEO Jonah Goodhart. “Nativo’s clear-cut stance against fraud and NHT shines a light on their commitment to eliminating these issues. We’re excited to partner with Nativo to enable this guarantee.”

Non-Human Traffic (NHT) Accelerating As Programmatic Grows
Non-human traffic is a scourge to the digital advertising industry. According to the IAB, roughly 36% of web traffic is fake, and bot fraud is projected to cost global advertisers $6.3 billion in 2015 alone. The problem becomes even more pronounced as media spend shifts to programmatic. ExchangeWire states 45% of senior marketers find quality to be a serious issue, demanding fraudulent traffic, viewability and brand safety to be more closely scrutinized within the programmatic trading environment. Just last week, Appnexus’ Chief Data Officer, Catherine Williams, acknowledged that their company flags 65% of its inventory as fraudulent. As media buying and selling becomes increasingly automated, overall traffic quality and the ability to reach a guaranteed human audience diminish exponentially.

Nativo Fights NHT, Committed to Authentic, Non-Interruptive Consumer Experiences
Beginning in Q4 this year, Nativo is extending their commitment to providing the most trusted ad technology solutions to marketers by ensuring authentic content experiences are delivered to human consumers through comprehensive and transparent engagement measurement and verification. Nativo’s platform will track and monitor NHT on all campaigns through their proprietary technology and expanded partnership with analytics firm Moat. This combination provides the most powerful solution in the marketplace to eliminate wasted media expenditure on fraudulent traffic in native.

“We have always focused on working with quality publishers and closely monitoring consumer attention and engagement with content — these are key components to the value we provide to our advertiser clients. Non-human traffic has always been something we’ve been able to easily identify and quickly address,” said Nativo CEO, Justin Choi. “Our guarantee simply formalizes what we’ve delivered all along and assures brands that they are getting the highest quality reach.”