Local Programmatic Platform Simpli.fi Exceeds 25,000 Active Daily Campaigns

Company combines customized dynamic audiences, automated optimization and unstructured data to deliver success on localized campaigns

FORT WORTH, Texas – Simpli.fi, which brings the power of programmatic advertising to localized campaigns, has exceeded the milestone of 25,000 live concurrent campaigns, a 3x increase over the last 18 months. Customers driving this increase include media companies delivering programmatic display, mobile, video and social advertising to local businesses, as well as national brands localizing their campaigns. Simpli.fi’s use of unstructured data to customize audiences to local needs is proving highly valuable for both of these types of customers.

Most programmatic platforms base their targeting on pre-packaged audience segments, making it difficult to customize and optimize audiences to local buying habits, brand preferences and competitive players. Simpli.fi’s use of unstructured data, which allows for rich, highly granular targeting, serves ads based on element-level information, making campaigns more relevant and effective for prospects, thus driving a higher ROI.


  • By using unstructured data to target customized local audiences, Simpli.fi has made localized programmatic advertising both affordable and effective;
  • Simpli.fi’s platform currently manages more than 25,000 concurrent campaigns daily for its customers, representing a 3x increase over the past 18 months;
  • Unstructured data enables Simpli.fi to target and optimize 1,000 to 10,000 targeting elements on each campaign, providing 100x to 1,000x more granularity than the typical 10 targeting segments used by segment-based platforms. This increased granularity helps advertisers to target and optimize local audiences at scale more effectively;
  • Customers can access Simpli.fi’s capabilities either through the company’s easy to use self-service interface, its full service offering or its API, which lets customers and partners to embed Simpli.fi’s capabilities within their dashboards; and
  • Simpli.fi is the only programmatic platform that bids, optimizes and reports using unstructured data, including recency, across all inventory types making it the most effective platform for localized campaigns at any scale.

Frost Prioleau, Simpli.fi Chief Executive Officer
“Advertisers of all sizes are finding that they can achieve improved performance by optimizing audience targeting to local markets, instead of using pre-packaged audience segments typically built for nationwide campaigns. Because our platform uses unstructured data instead of traditional segments, we are able to deliver customized local audiences at scale, and help our partners who want to deliver hundreds or thousands of campaigns to localized audiences.”

About Simpli.fi

Simpli.fi is the leader in localized programmatic solutions. Trade desks, networks, local media groups and multi-location brands leverage Simpli.fi’s superior performance, customizable audiences and efficient delivery models to drive higher ROI in their digital businesses. For more information about the company or partnership opportunities, call (800) 840-0768 or visit www.simpli.fi.

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