AppNexus Expands Exclusive Global Technology Partnership With Microsoft

AppNexus is now Microsoft’s technology platform for digital advertising in 58 global markets

AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, announced an expansion of its global technology partnership with Microsoft Corp. AppNexus will deploy its full-stack publisher suite to enable Microsoft inventory to be bought programmatically in 39 additional markets across Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe by February 1, 2016. In addition, AppNexus remains the exclusive technology platform in 10 European markets and powers Microsoft’s programmatic advertising in nine markets where AOL manages the sales function. In total, AppNexus is Microsoft’s advertising technology partner in 58 markets.

“With this expanded agreement, AppNexus becomes the technology engine powering Microsoft’s digital advertising in 58 global markets,” said Michael Rubenstein, president of AppNexus. “As we look forward to 2016, AppNexus is poised to emerge as the clear and obvious choice for publishers, everywhere in the world. We offer the industry’s only full-stack monetization engine that is wholly aligned with publisher interests. The expansion of our Microsoft technology partnership is proof positive that when premium publishers look to increase their monetization and profitability, they partner with AppNexus.”

The agreement names AppNexus as Microsoft’s exclusive technology partner across multiple countries in emerging markets, enabling access in 24 markets to Reserved, Deals and RTB offerings across app-based ad inventory on MSN, Outlook and Skype, as well as third-party apps inventory Windows and Windows phone, through existing local sales houses, who will remain the exclusive resellers of Microsoft premium brand safe inventory. In addition, the AppNexus platform will power a simple, efficient Deals and RTB offering in another 15 markets across the region by February 1, 2016.

Over the past year, AppNexus has expanded its staff in Europe, opened offices in Sydney and Singapore, and acquired RealMedia Latin America (RMLA), one of the region’s preeminent advertising technology companies, to extend its physical footprint across five continents and capture fast growth in these emerging programmatic markets.

With today’s announcement, AppNexus becomes Microsoft’s technology and programmatic sales partner in Bolivia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Korea, Panama, Paraguay, Romania, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Vietnam. AppNexus will exclusively represent and be the ad tech platform for Microsoft display and Microsoft app-based ad inventory on MSN, Outlook, Skype, and Xbox, as well as third-party Windows, Windows phone, and Xbox apps inventory within these markets.

AppNexus will work with local sales houses to direct Microsoft ad inventory in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, South Africa, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Russia, and multiple smaller Latin American countries.


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