R2Digital Has Announced New Solution for Small Business in Video Advertising

Lets see some statistics first:

Marketing and online branding trends in 2016 everyone should be aware of:

01 – Keep track of online video development

More than 35% of online video ad expenses increased throughout the year 2015
Online video ad has developed by over a third throughout the year, thus amounting $5 billion on expenses.

02 – Online advertising will catch up with television

During 2015 the expenses on online ad will potentially reach more than 80% of television expenses.
Online ad will potentially catch up with television and will be the 2016’s greatest media class.
Expenses on television are supposed to remain the same as currently.

03 – Facebook prevails with an increasing degree

U.S. users spent 1 out of every 6 minutes on Facebook
1 out of every 5 minutes is spent on Facebook using smartphones
Facebook is determined to derive great profit from the increasing use of online devices due to its tremendous number of mobile-first users.

04 – Mobile will become a rapidly growing segment

More than 35% of the online ad expenses accrue already to the channel.
During 2016 mobile will potentially become a rapidly growing ad segment.

05 – Video marketing

55% of Internet users watch daily videos
75% of a video is watched by 65% of video audience
85% of unsubscribed e-mails are declined
Being an unused channel of content marketing, online video will amount about 50% of all the mobile traffic. Video marketing is meaningful and powerful for user activity, brand strength and lead generation.

06 – Only 5 seconds are at your disposal

It does not matter what specifically you would like to show – some drama, humor or shock scene, all you have is only the first 5 seconds of mobile video advertising. According to Analytics Research, you should attract the viewer’s attention during the specified time; otherwise, you will fail to achieve any successful results. The first 5 seconds gain the prerogative power.

Taking into consideration a growing trend in Video Advertising, R2Digital introduces a solution for small businesses in video advertising.

Since February 1, 2016 the company will present its ‘r2dplayer’ and possibility of monetizing video traffic for small publishers and website owners.

The greatest challenge for publishers is providing sufficient video displays that would be connected to the largest advertising operator. As a rule, online video advertising market is firmly assigned to major players, who set the bar high to ensure sufficient video displays. Our solution allows involving RTB owners of small platforms and become full bidders.

In addition, our hi-tech solution – r2dynamic – is responsible for video content quality and targeting. The patented technology, r2dynamic, allows identifying emotional video pattern and its subject matter. All this gives the possibility to target the advertising videos more precisely, and communicate an advertisement message to viewers more qualitatively.

“According to our forecast, the video advertising market will grow dynamically in the coming years, which in turn will require new solutions that will personalize displays based on video advertising data” – says Alex Horowitz, marketing director of r2digital.

Namely the dynamics of social video advertising growth and market understanding forced us to invest in the development of video RTB platform that will provide customers with high-quality inventory and easy monetization for site owners.