AdTheorent Launches Barometric, a Fully Hosted and Managed Cross-Environment Tracking and Attribution Solution for Marketers

New York, NY — AdTheorent, Inc., a technology company whose data-driven predictive solutions are transforming digital advertising, today announced that its cross-environment media tracking and attribution solution, Barometric, is available to brands and agencies as an independent hosted services offering.  Marketers can leverage Barometric’s transparent, multi-environment methodology to measure cross-channel engagement in real-time, allowing for ongoing optimization and campaign measurement.  Additionally, Barometric’s solution leverages the only attribution platform capable of collecting user IDs across all environments, such as mobile web, app, desktop, physical address, and in-store – and matching these multiple IDs to a single user, resulting in superior attribution.

Barometric solves the problem that marketers face while navigating the fragmented landscape of digital ad solutions.  With so many disparate solutions available to serve and track ads — and to manage the large data sets associated with digital campaigns —most advertisers still do not have a cohesive approach, which results in inaccurate tracking and diminished efficiency and transparency.  With the launch of Barometric, advertisers are no longer forced to utilize different partners for tracking, serving and audience insights, which allows them to derive true value from their data.

“When it comes to ad serving, tracking and measurement in digital, it’s such a fragmented space with so many different data sets that there are discrepancies and it’s nearly impossible to track anything back to a single user, which is the most difficult aspect of attribution currently,” said Marisa Skolnick, Director at Mindshare.  “Barometric has one of the most holistic and comprehensive platforms that is able to connect off and online actions back to a single user.  This can be a game changer for the industry and will arm advertisers with actionable data as to what is working and how their media is impacting consumer behavior.”

Key features of Barometric

Cross-Environment Tracking and Attribution

The Barometric solution was developed to solve a pervasive and fatal flaw of competing solutions: for each media environment, a different ID is assigned to the user, which makes it difficult to attribute behaviors and actions to a single user.

Barometric is the only solution capable of collecting the many different IDs across all environments (mobile, desktop, email, search, social and TV) and matching them back to a single user, resulting in superior accuracy.  The data is anonymized so privacy is not a concern.  Utilizing a proprietary ID bridging technology, Barometric’s multi-environment tracking methodology measures digital media engagement in real-time, allowing advertisers to understand how all digital media affects purchases across all conversion environments, including mobile web and app, desktop, in-store visits and purchase, as well as TV tune-in.

“True cross-platform attribution is something that has eluded marketers to date, but is so crucial for understanding the media mix and tactics that are driving engagement for advertisers,” said Vikrant Gandhi, Frost & Sullivan’s Information and Communication Technologies Industry Director.  “We haven’t seen anything connect the dots like AdTheorent’s Barometric.  It is the most comprehensive solution in market, and is unique in its ability to inform advertisers about how all of their digital media affects engagements and purchases across all conversion environments.”

Advanced Mobile Ad Serving

Barometric’s turn-key platform features ad serving capabilities built specifically for mobile to handle all mobile and desktop ad types and environments, with global scale.  With an easy to use campaign workflow, consolidated real-time reporting and the most robust conversion reporting in the industry, Barometric is the next generation of mobile ad serving solutions.

Advanced Reporting and Real-Time Insight

Effective digital advertising depends on the ability to model against post-click events such as app downloads or product purchases – online and offline. Barometric-powered post-click analytics provide real-time data analysis and reporting, arming advertisers with the insight into what is working and what is not so they can make adjustments in real-time to maximize ad spend.

Barometric’s reporting dashboard is an easy-to-use interface consisting of dedicated reporting “pods” allowing end users to quickly view or export raw data. Barometric also provides deeper insights such as cross-channel conversions (post click and view), geo (DMA), and device-level data.  Because of its ability to track conversions across all environments, Barometric is able to offer the most complete picture of campaign performance.

About Barometric

Barometric is the most advanced cross-environment media tracking and attribution solution in market. Originally developed as an internal tool for AdTheorent’s data-driven digital ad network, Barometric currently processes 3-4 billion ad calls per day. Since 2011, Barometric has served, tracked, and organized petabytes of data for use by AdTheorent’s predictive modeling platform, delivering unparalleled accuracy.  Barometric is now offered as an independent hosted service offering for use with all media allowing marketers to leverage Barometric’s transparent, multi-environment methodology to measure cross-channel engagement in real-time, allowing for ongoing optimization and campaign management.  Barometric is the only solution capable of collecting mobile IDs across all environments — such as web, app, rich media, video and brand studies — and matching these multiple IDs to a single user, resulting in superior attribution.