Sublime Skinz Launches New Viewability Ad Metrics

Digital advertising innovator Sublime Skinz introduces higher viewability measures to ensure online campaigns provide maximum impact, insight, and ROI for brands

London, UK: Sublime Skinz, a leading global provider of skin-based advertising, has today announced it has introduced a suite of new viewability metrics to provide clients with  optimal transparency and results.

The new measures address two core aspects of online viewability: time and quality. Based on the IAB-MRC standards, which consider an ad to be viewable if 50% of its surface is in view for at least one second (30% for larger ad units such as skins), Sublime Skinz has extended this measure to two, three, four or five seconds — addressing concerns by brands such as Shell and Unilever that metrics need to be improved.

The second measure utilises PayLoad Viewability, a new concept developed by Sublime Skinz, to accurately gauge the exposure of both the header and entire ad skin. By focusing on useful creative elements, such as logos, visuals, and baselines, the metric will help brands understand if users have been exposed to the most important elements of an ad. The data produced will be used to form real-time optimisation parameters for campaigns, and made available to brands as an evaluation tool.

Advertisers will consequently have access to the average display length of their impressions and a comparative viewing score based on every campaign run by Sublime Skinz across its worldwide network of more than 3,000 websites.

Lisa Menaldo, Managing Director of Sublime Skinz UK, commented: “As viewability becomes an ever-more important performance metric for advertisers, we are keen to provide maximum assurance that ads will be visible and impactful. By increasing viewability beyond the IAB standards, advertisers can better understand when their ads are visible. The new PayLoad Viewability measures only the ‘useful space’ in the ad, allowing advertisers to effectively measure their campaigns, as well as optimising real-time and future performance.”

About Sublime Skinz

Sublime Skinz is a leading ad tech company specialising in the distribution and optimisation of skin-based advertising. It is the first platform of its kind to provide skin-based advertising, working with advertisers, publishers, media agencies, media trading desks, and ad networks to drive efficient campaigns at scale.

Sublime Skinz provides actionable statistics and transparent insights in real time, allowing brands to capitalise on the most impactful format with the greatest coverage across multiple websites. Sublime Skinz works with a clear objective to maximise revenues and optimise return on ad investments.

Founded in 2012, the Paris-based company has developed an international reach with offices in London, San Francisco and New York, and boasts an impressive network integrated with more than 3,000 websites worldwide. Sublime Skinz was honoured as the ‘audience favourite’ winner of the Launch: Silicon Valley World Cup Tech in 2014.

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