Sizmek Opens New Global Data Centre in Frankfurt

Leading digital advertising platform unveils new insight hub in Germany to enhance its services for international clients and meet demand for data localisation

London, UK – Sizmek Inc. (NASDAQ:SZMK), the global open ad management company for online advertising, announced today the launch of its new global data centre in Frankfurt, Germany, to support their next generation ad serving and campaign management platform, MDX NXT, and enhance Sizmek’s capabilities to comply with coming changes in the European data collection and processing laws.

The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will continue to apply to all UK companies that collect personal data from the EU, despite Britain’s vote to leave. This, along with the European Court of Justice’s decision last year to invalidate the Safe Harbour Agreement between the United States and Europe, has created a serious need for marketers and technology companies to take a closer look at how they, and their partners, collect, protect and process personal data. The new facility not only provides increased capabilities for compliance with the EU’s data protection regulations, but also meets the more stringent data localisation preferences common in countries such as Germany and France.

“Marketers today deserve to know how and where data is being collected and processed. Consumers, likewise, should have the confidence to know their privacy is being respected and that all personal data is treated with the utmost care, security and in compliance with all applicable laws,” said Axel Jonuschies, Process & Partner Integration Director Worldwide at Group M Connect. “We are very pleased to see Sizmek taking the initiative to prepare early for the new European data protection regulations.”

The new data centre will power Sizmek’s new MDX NXT platform which will bring to market the most modern multichannel and format ad server and Dynamic Creative Optimisation platform in the industry. As part of the new infrastructure, Sizmek will now be able provide its clients with real time data processing and analytics, a market leading differentiation.

“As the second largest global ad server and campaign management platform in the industry, we believe it was critically important to ensure that Sizmek meets and exceeds the new regulatory environment for data privacy and management,” said Neil Nguyen, CEO at Sizmek. “The fact is our entire industry needs a greater amount of transparency when it comes to this issue and Sizmek is fully committed to its global advertising clients requirements for data security and compliance.”

About Sizmek

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