Marin Software Platform Supports Bing Upgraded URLs and Expanded Text Ads

Marin Smart Sync feature allows Google Adwords campaigns to be duplicated on Bing Ads

LONDON – Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN) has announced that it will now support Bing Upgraded URLs and Expanded Text Ads (ETA). This will allow customers to leverage Bing’s new features through Marin’s platform to further optimise Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Marin’s technology also includes a Smart Sync feature which is designed to duplicate and perpetually sync successful campaigns from Google Adwords to Bing Ads in just a couple of clicks.

Bing Upgraded URLs are particularly relevant to advertisers who use tracking parameters in their Destination-URLs to deliver data to third parties. Landing page and tracking parameters will be separated by the Upgraded URLs-Feature. The advantage is that Campaign Managers can easily manage tracking information for various URLs with a single tracking template and won’t have to update the campaigns manually on the Dashboard any longer. The URLs of the targeted pages can be adapted very efficiently and quickly. Marin customers can seamlessly migrate their Bing campaigns across the platform to upgraded URLs.

Expanded Text Ad (ETA) is a new ad format from Bing Ads which offers advertisers more space for their search ads and fits with a mobile driven world, and thus encouraging high-touch user ad engagement that drives more clicks. Leveraging their successful Google ETA campaigns, Marin’s Smart Sync now allows advertisers to transfer best practices quickly and easily to Bing.

Caroline Delacroix, Global Director, Product Consulting at Marin Software said, “In the UK, Bing’s market share has grown significantly year-over-year which makes this a very exciting time for marketers. As we continue to see an increase in share of search for Bing, advertisers will need to quickly adapt or risk losing their competitive advantage. At this stage, it is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’.” 

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