zvelo Unveils Free Bot Detection Platform That Quickly Identifies Fraudulent Web Traffic

Bot detector provides full visibility into which webpage impressions are invalid, low quality, or non-human – all for free

Greenwood Village, Colorado – zvelo, the leading provider of categorization and malicious detection data for web pages, devices and traffic, today announced the immediate availability of the industry’s first free bot detection service. With the new offering, businesses can automatically gain crucial insights into the quality of the impressions earned by their digital campaigns. Instant dashboard analysis shows the distribution of human, non-human, and low quality impressions, along with a breakdown of the top five domains supplying bot and low quality traffic to a site. This knowledge enables businesses to more deeply understand the true impact of their campaigns, and to take informed steps that optimize the effectiveness of their advertising investments.

By providing the ability, for free, to precisely determine which traffic comes from bad sources, zvelo’s bot detector eliminates the barriers that keep businesses from recognizing bot activity from unwanted traffic. The platform allows advertisers – or the demand-side platforms or ad agencies working on their behalf – to easily add a lightweight JavaScript detection tag to the code of their ad creative, and have their bot detection up and running within minutes. The detector uses extensive algorithms to examine dozens of different traffic- and page-level signals and identify bot activity. Key variables analyzed for zvelo’s categorizations include mouse movements, time on page, browser and window properties, historical bot activity associated with specific IPs and users, and more. The bot detection dashboard then provides an interface for charting impressions from humans, non-humans and even low-quality or pay-to-surf traffic over a specified period of time.

“As bots become more complex, the mechanisms that identify them – and ensure that fraudulent traffic doesn’t claim wasteful chunks of online ad spend – must keep pace,” said Jeff Finn, CEO, zvelo. “Bots are bad customers, but with zvelo’s bot detector, businesses can get clearer insights on the magnitude of their unwanted traffic problem. We’re proud to offer this new service for free, and to remove any roadblocks for businesses who want to make sure their ad buys are targeting human eyes only. We released this offering to a select group of zvelo early adopter clients in late 2016 and have been thrilled with the adoption and growth in the deployment and positive feedback.”

zvelo is making its new bot detection service free with the knowledge that some customers will wish to supplement the platform’s valuable detecting and reporting capabilities with more granular and specifically-actionable invalid traffic data to completely eliminate bot and NHT traffic from their campaigns. For these customers, zvelo offers the Invalid Traffic (IVT) dataset, which delivers a continuously updated stream of IPs detected as bot and non-human traffic (NHT), allowing advertisers the ability to block inventory originating from bot IP addresses at the bidder level. Further, by combining the IVT dataset with zvelo’s other datasets that detect fake, clickbait and other sites, an advertiser is able to virtually eliminate ad fraud from their campaigns – no more money wasted on serving ads to fake sites visited by non-human traffic.

About zvelo, Inc.

As a proven market leader for leading provider of categorization and malicious detection data for web pages, devices and traffic, zvelo is the trusted partner for the market’s preeminent ad tech, network security, and mobile service provider/subscriber analytics vendors. zvelo solves a diverse range of client business needs including providing the foundational datasets for web filtering, parental controls, brand safety, contextual targeting, subscriber analytics and ad fraud prevention.

zvelo, headquartered just outside of Denver, is committed to providing the market’s highest quality data products and best responsiveness. The company has additional offices in the Philippines, Spain, and Florida.