Ex-Google Directors Give Search Engine Convenience to Ad and Content Targeting

Goldbach First To Adopt 1plusX’s New Keyword Targeting Capabilities

Publishers, advertisers and agencies can now simply type-in keywords to target hyper-relevant consumers by their real-time interests. Consumers can be included and excluded by campaign managers by inputting words, phrases, terms and topics into 1plusX’s user-friendly dashboard in much the same way as using a search engine. European ad network, Goldbach are now using the keyword targeting functionality to build audiences for numerous brands and publications.

Until now, most interest-based targeting of consumers relies on pre-segmented audiences often defined and categorised by third party data suppliers. These audience interest data sets are generally far too broad, out-of-date, and contain a mass of users that are irrelevant to most campaigns. 1plusX’s new functionality gives advertisers and publishers far more control over the real-time relevance and reach of their campaigns. It is turning the search engine approach to ad and content targeting on its head. Rather than relying on consumers to type-in keywords to find relevant content, advertisers and publishers can type-in keywords to find relevant consumers.

“1plusX’s artificial intelligence analyses digital content and then indexes it by topic, semantic keyword and context. It also builds anonymous user profiles by analysing users’ cookies, frequency of interactions with particular content and other data consumers have chosen to give to publishers and advertisers. Campaign managers can then define and build their own audience segments of users to be matched with content. These segments are updated frequently and automatically to include consumers with new relevant characteristics and exclude consumers whose interests have changed. To achieve the optimum balance of reach and relevance for each campaign, 1plusX gives campaign managers additional controls. They can qualify users based on the frequency of their interactions with relevant content. They can target users based on certain characteristics, such as their gender or age. ” said 1plusX’s UK MD, Fiona Salmon.

For example, a publisher or advertiser can create their own audience of consumers with a real-time interest in “winter sports”. They can define members of this audience simply by typing in keywords and phrases such as “skiing”, “snowboarding”, “skating”, and even the names of resorts or locations of certain mountain ranges. They may want to focus on people who are more likely to be interested in recreational participation in winter sports activities by including the word “holiday” or “ski pass”. They can also avoid people looking for content about the 2018 Winter Olympics by excluding results that contain words and interests such as “Korea” or “Olympics”. Finally they may require that a target consumer is female, has visited content matching the keyword criteria at least three times in the last week.

However, 1plusX is far more than a data management platform – it offers a data creation engine too which enables publishers and advertisers to find even more consumers with similar levels of interest. Although controlled by publishers and advertisers via a simple scale-up slider on 1plusX’s user-friendly dashboard, advanced machine learning sits behind the data creation engine. It matches thousands of unregistered consumers to content based on statistically relevant predictions of their interests, characteristics and personal preferences.

“Goldbach has been working closely with 1plusX through the development stage of its keyword targeting functionality. We’re already targeting campaigns at audience segments we have defined using keywords, for example our “Singletons” segment. Our keyword targeting campaigns are based on a very high-reach seed data pool of over 15 million profiles within the Goldbach Display and Video Network,” said Annette Dielmann, Chief Product Officer of the Goldbach Group. “1plusX’s keyword targeting capabilities are helping us to define highly flexible, meaningful, real-time audiences of relevance to any campaign.”

1plusX has been built from the ground up to help data teams to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It offers easy-to-use consumer opt-in/out and data deletion tools. Strict data separation measures ensure the integrity of each publisher’s data. 1plusX does not share or mix customer data. Data added into the platform remains the exclusive property of each individual publisher. 1plusX’s reporting tools enable full transparency on what data is collected and how it is used.

More info at www.1plusx.com

About 1plusX:

Developed by two ex-Google directors 1plusX uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase revenue, reach and relevance of ad and content campaigns by maximising the use of its customers proprietary data. 1PlusX easily consolidates data sets into a single platform; semantically analyses digital content and consumers’ characteristics; enables hyper-relevant campaign targeting via simple keyword searches;  increases the relevance and reach of digital marketing and content campaigns by predicting consumers’ characteristics and interests.  Further information at www.1plusx.com.

About Goldbach:

Goldbach Group markets and places advertising in all electronic media. As an independent aggregator, Goldbach offers advertising windows on all receiving devices (push and pull), via which individual consumers are supplied with the expected commercial information at the right time. As a private and neutral sales hub and an intermediary between brands and consumers, Goldbach generates added value for its customers. Goldbach Group is headquartered in Küsnacht-Zurich, Switzerland, and is active throughout the DACH region. Goldbach Group has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (Swiss Reporting Standard, security number 487094, ISIN CH0004870942, ticker symbol GBMN). Further information: www.goldbachgroup.com.