Adpiler’s Saving Designers 3 Hours Per Banner Ad Set – Founder Jorrit Baerends Shares The Story

You: Hey Client, see attached for the latest banner ad designs. Each folder is a different ad set.
Client: I can’t open the files…do I need a specific program?
You: They’re .ZIP files, so you need WinRAR or WinZIP. You can download them for free.
Client: Got it. See attached for my comments.
You: I’m a little confused. Could you make the comments clearer as to which ads and elements they’re referring to?
Client: OK, I’ll try to find some time next week. This week packed.

One week later…

You: Hi Client, any updates on this? It’d be great to get the final drafts of these ads completed.
Client: Let’s just have a quick call to go through my feedback. Are you available today?
You: *Sigh…*

Does the above sound familiar?
Then you’re fully aware of how painfully difficult it can be to get your banner ads approved by clients. Your designers create first versions quickly, but the email back-and-forth wastes time, eats into your bottom line, and stresses your whole team out. Not fun.

Did you know…there’s an app for that?
Adpiler is a tool that helps advertising professionals save hours per ad set. But how? Jorrit Baerends, founder and CEO, explains:

“Getting email feedback on ads takes up hours of time. Adpiler offers creatives and their clients one, user-friendly platform where you can upload and preview ads on real websites in minutes, seamlessly communicate with clients, and receive instant, annotated feedback on your work.”

Pioneers in optimizing the ad approval process

Interestingly, Adpiler has no direct competition. “Before Adpiler, banner ads were typically sent via email or FTP.” says Jorrit. “There were no other options. After working with creative agencies for six years at Adcrowd – our self-service retargeting platform – it amazed me how time-consuming and old-fashioned their processes were. The gap in the market for one, centralized platform for all banner ad feedback and communication quickly became obvious.”

Real Interactive, a Toronto-based digital agency, realized the same thing after struggling with the banner ad verification process. Initially, they planned to build their own custom solution:

“But after initial discovery, I realized that the time and resources needed would be more than to find a tool we could either use or customize. I heard about Adpiler and, after a free demo, I felt I didn’t need to look elsewhere. It had everything we needed and more.” said Aaron James, Director of Digital Technology & Innovation.

After integrating Adpiler into their project processes, they quickly saw the benefits. “Our lead time to get banners staged and receive client feedback has dramatically decreased. It has saved us time and time means money.”

But Real Interactive didn’t just benefit from saved time. “Our clients like the process and easily picked it up. What clients need to know, it is super easy to use. It doesn’t take hours, you are up and running in minutes.”

For new users, it’s open doors at Adpiler

“We believe in transparency. That’s why we’re relaxed about letting people explore the platform’s full host of features for free before committing. The value of the platform speaks for itself.” says Jorrit Baerends.

Adpiler are currently offering a free, two-week trial of their ‘Large’ plan, which includes:

  • Unlimited team members
  • Client feedback and approval
  • 100 preview pages a month
  • White-label branding
  • Image and HTML5 uploading

To start your free trial of Adpiler, visit their website. It takes just a few minutes to get set up, and there’s no obligatory credit card information or sneaky conditions. It’s also simple to use. You can upload HTML5 or image ads in seconds, create banner previews on real websites in minutes, and invite clients and team members to immediately start improving how you collaborate on banner ads.