Flashtalking Announces Global Partnership Strategic Framework and API Protocols

Primary Ad Serving Leader Formalises Program, Extending Long History of Industry Integrations

LONDON, UK – Flashtalking, the leading global independent ad server for sophisticated advertisers, announces the Flashtalking Partnership Program. Through a constantly evolving strategic partnership initiative, Flashtalking has masterfully integrated vital platforms, programs and data for advertisers demanding greater control and transparency in their ad tech stacks. Today’s announcement reflects a series of successful, representative integrations including those with partners such as Adobe Advertising Cloud, Media Ocean’s Prisma, Nielsen Marketing Cloud and MediaMath.

“For independents competing in the shadows of the walled gardens, strategic partnering is critical to success,” said Flashtalking CEO John Nardone. “If you genuinely strive to serve our ecosystem for the long game, as we do, you need a strategy that embraces both friends and competitors in a way that empowers the advertiser at every step of the process. Flashtalking is singularly positioned to deliver because we are 100% media independent, which allows us to integrate across the ecosystem without conflict. We have launched a well-documented system of public-facing APIs designed to make future integrations fast and easy. Everyone wins here – every single one of our partners and the clients we jointly serve.”

The Flashtalking Partnership Program is structured across three relationship tiers, Platinum, Gold, and Silver, reflecting relative depth of engagement, as well as the degree of technical integration and extent of joint marketing initiatives. In addition, partner types span specific functional areas serving creative management, trafficking, ad fraud solutions and reporting needs.

Creative Build and Asset Management: Facilitates integration with creative build tools or Digital Asset Management systems (DAMs) to programmatically transmit raw creative assets or finished digital ads into the Flashtalking Creative Management platform. Creative integrations will streamline the process of ad and asset upload, management, and distribution across supply providers.

Trafficking and Provisioning: Allows synchronisation of campaign and ad trafficking entities, such as placements or line items between partner systems, eliminating duplicate work between the Flashtalking ad server, DSPs, verification partners, and media planning tools. In addition to open web advertising, this integration framework will soon provide a central point of creation for placements that can be programmatically transmitted into Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Serving, Data and Analytics: Facilitates access of Flashtalking data and analytics via programmatic, file-based, or data account sharing. Several data types are supported, from low-level connected logs, all the way to sophisticated MTA analyses. Flashtalking supports API-based access for reporting data, and cloud/file-based access for log and data extracts. In addition, clients with a Snowflake instance can have easy access to all of their Flashtalking raw logs and their ID Connected third-party data. By leveraging Snowflake’s native integrations with BI tools such as Tableau and Looker, clients can more quickly and easily visualise and analyse their data to get the insights they need. This includes ad run-time and tag-based integrations to DMP vendors, verification partners, and DCO solutions, as well as streaming API and log-based support for data onboarding based on any identity or graph.

“Our approach to partnership is core to our mission. In fact, we believe that independent partnering is the foundation of a thriving ecosystem that benefits all advertisers and ultimately consumers. Our sophisticated, tiered and categorised way of partnering goes well beyond mere technical integration, providing documentation, playbooks and sound go-to-market strategies across a spectrum of vital buy-side needs,” continued Nardone.

In the coming weeks, Flashtalking will be announcing specific details on partnerships with leading creative, DSP and verification partners.

About Flashtalking

Flashtalking is the leading global independent primary ad server and analytics technology company. We use data to personalise advertising in real-time, independently analyse its effectiveness and enable optimisation that drives better engagement and return on spend for sophisticated global brands.

Our platform leads the market with innovative products and services to ensure creative relevance and actionable insights across channels and formats, powered by unique cookieless tracking, data orchestration and algorithmic multi-touch attribution. We support clients at the crossroads where data, personalised creative and unbiased measurement intersect with expertise, service and a deep partner ecosystem to drive successful digital marketing.

Born in the UK, headquartered in London and New York, and established worldwide, Flashtalking spans the globe with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Leeds, Cologne, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Sydney and Singapore. For more information visit www.flashtalking.com.