New Customised Report by Sellics Boosts Performance in PPC Campaigns

eCommerce software provider Sellics offers free service for brands: a comprehensive, customised analysis of their Amazon advertising campaigns including recommendations and tips

Berlin – Sellics, Amazon’s largest advertising partner and leading software solution for brands and agencies, is expanding its portfolio to include a fully automated tool for customised analysis of PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns on Amazon. What’s new? Users receive a precise evaluation of their current campaigns’ performance, as well as clear, tailored recommendations for optimisation to improve ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) or ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend), increase sales or achieve higher overall profitability.  

Users can request the free analysis by clicking on the “Grade my Account Now” button on the Sellics website.

Content of the Customised Analysis — What Brands Can Expect
Users first receive a short summary containing a score and a clear overall evaluation of their Amazon PPC performance based on various categories.

Users then get a detailed evaluation of the achieved score. Each rating category includes easy-to-understand explanations of the context, an individual detailed analysis of the account and concrete recommendations for possible improvements.

The analysis consists of three main parts:

  • Foundations Checklist: Are all basic requirements for good advertising performance fulfilled? Sellics analyses, among other things, the budget allocation between automatic and manual campaigns, how the targeting of advertisements is structured, and gives precise recommendations for improvement.
  • Optimisation opportunities: How well is the account optimised? Sellics shows where to save unnecessary advertising expenses and where advertisers can make their campaigns more efficient.
  • Financial opportunity: How can sales be increased through optimisation? Sellics quantifies the optimisation potential based on improved efficiency and newly unlocked revenue potential.

“The Amazon advertising landscape is constantly growing and hence becoming increasingly complex. Therefore, many advertisers are not sure anymore how to optimise their campaigns. With our new customised analysis, we help to reduce this complexity and give our users concrete, easy-to-implement and comprehensive advice to become even more successful,“ said Thomas Ropel, CMO of Sellics.

Sellics Advertising – Experience Amazon Advertising Your Way

The free PPC analysis is only the first step to more success on Amazon. With Sellics Advertising, the all-in-one software provider offers a tool that allows retailers and brands to manage their PPC campaigns accordingly to their needs. Two ways are available for users: With the “Best Practice Experience” option, campaigns can be set up very quickly, with very little effort, and based on well-established and proven blueprints – particularly suitable for beginners. The “Do it Yourself Experience” option focuses much more on the customised setup and optimisation of advertising campaigns and is thus rather tailored to advanced professionals. Both options offer equal access to all related products and services as well as extensive support.

Particularly useful are also the tools for advertising automation that allow to save time and simultaneously improve performance. Users can automate bidding, keyword harvesting and more with customised automation rules or ready-to-use best practice rules. “Autopilot”, an automation solution developed by Sellics, goes one step further and fully automates campaign optimisation with an AI-based algorithm. The AI simultaneously uses multiple advanced techniques such as keyword clustering, or seasonal sales forecasts, to achieve goals ranging from sales maximisation to ACoS optimisation.

sample PDF for PPC analysis can be downloaded here.

You can register for the free analysis service here.

Further information about Sellics Advertising can be found here.

About Sellics

Sellics is the leading ecommerce growth software used by clients including Bosch, Brita and thousands of other brands and agencies to succeed in two of the most important ecommerce marketing channels: SEO and advertising on Amazon. Sellics is the only software that combines cutting edge, integrated tools for both Amazon SEO and advertising that allow brands and agencies to utilise synergies between both and unlock their full potential. Sellics’s AI-based advertising automation solutions enable brands and agencies to fully and efficiently scale their ecommerce growth and success. For further information visit www.sellics.comTwitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.