Amazon Advertising Data Science Pioneer Teikametrics Introduces On-Demand eCommerce Analyst Services

Robust data team provides strategy, support and flexibility

BOSTON — Teikametrics, the leading Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) helping brands and sellers optimize revenue and profitability from Amazon Advertising, announced its dramatically expanded Analyst Services capability. Quietly launched in 2018, the Teikametrics eCommerce Analyst Team currently uses leading edge data science and machine learning technology to manage more than $50 million in annual advertising investment and more than $1 billion in annual gross merchandise volume on behalf of 60 leading brands on Amazon.

“Amazon Advertising is arguably the most powerful direct response vehicle ever devised”

Teikametrics’ Flywheel SaaS software has been adopted by thousands of sellers, brands, and agencies to maximize profit on Amazon. To help clients make the most efficient and effective use of the Flywheel data science technology and related services, Teikametrics’ analyst services accommodate flexible models to suit each account’s individual needs.

One client, Swanson Health, is an Amazon top 50 Marketplace seller. Corey Bergstrom, president of Swanson Health, said that, “After years of using traditional digital agency services in an attempt to scale Amazon Advertising, we turned to Teikametrics for a technology that is purpose-built to optimize for profitability as well as the support of their Analyst team.”

Bergstrom added, “Teikametrics’ software is notably robust and their analysts have helped us both maximize profitability and truly understand the incremental value of our Amazon Ads. They are a valued partner and we really appreciate the flexibility of their software plus service model.”

John T. Shea, Chief Growth Officer of Teikametrics, says the expanded analyst service will help the company cement its position as the one-stop shop for Amazon sellers looking to scale and optimize their Amazon advertising dollars. “We see a clear spectrum of needs in this market,” he said. “Our own eCommerce Analyst offering addresses needs in the middle of the spectrum: a flexible, specialized and cost-effective solution to accelerate growth and drive Amazon sales outcomes quickly.”

Thousands of brands that have strong in-house Amazon channel expertise and resources simply license Teikametrics’ SaaS software and execute campaigns on their own. Hundreds of others need full soup-to-nuts marketplace support, and they use Teikametrics’ in-app directory of pre-verified agency partners to find a full service solution.

The Teikametrics’ eCommerce Analyst team is led by eCommerce advertising thought leader Ryan Walker and is comprised of eight veteran digital advertising experts from companies including Wayfair, Salsify, Criteo and Walmart.

“Amazon Advertising is arguably the most powerful direct response vehicle ever devised,” Walker said. ”But wielding it at the highest level requires specific data science models combined with a highly skilled data analyst; this pairing is exactly what we provide to our clients. The results speak for themselves: On average we’ve been able to improve outcomes by 34% within 60 days of deployment.”

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Teikametrics is the leading Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) that helps retailers, brands and agencies grow revenue and increase profitability on Amazon. Teikametrics optimizes billions of transactions for thousands of retailers around the world selling on Amazon and other marketplaces. Founded in 2013, Teikametrics uses proprietary econometrics and machine-learning data models packaged in a simple SaaS interface. The company combines best-in-class technology with deep domain expertise in selling on Amazon. Retailers and brands including Razer, Power Practical, Zipline Ski, and Mark Cuban’s Brands are increasingly turning to Teikametrics to harness the full potential of selling and advertising on Amazon. For more information, visit