Pattern89 Reveals the 2021 Ad Creative That Will Work Best

Analyzing over 200 billion data points, Pattern89 predicts what imagery, video, colors and copy will perform best for advertisers next year

INDIANAPOLIS — Pattern89, a platform that specializes in creative artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize digital ad performance, today announced the 2021 Creative Forecast, which predicts what creative dimensions of an advertisement, such as imagery, colors and copy, will have the highest performance on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

By analyzing over 200 billion data points, @Pattern89 reveals the 2021 ad creative that will work best in new 2021 Creative Forecast report

The entire world has gone through rapid social change in 2020, leaving marketers relying on intuition to handle how to best engage an audience undergoing the immense changes of a pandemic, divisive election and social justice movements. But within this flux, minor changes to advertisements can make or break campaigns, which is why AI supplements the work of marketers and eliminates the need for A/B testing, improving results by 31% on average and eliminating wasted time and effort with underperforming assets.

“The industry’s best and brightest minds are still navigating our new environment for the first time ever; no amount of tenure can account for the changes we’ve all felt this year, which is why intuition can only take us so far, ” said R. J. Talyor, CEO and Founder of Pattern89. “There has never been a better time to tap artificial intelligence for a data-driven approach to handling engagement. Our Creative Forecast uses billions of data points, over 49 thousand image dimensions and over a decade of historic data to truly unearth what will resonate in 2021. AI understands this enormous wealth of data when humans can’t. And because of that ability, it will find the trends and outliers that will make your specific campaigns perform in the best possible way.”

In this new report including 10 pages of insights and three in-depth creative briefs to bolster awareness, consideration and conversion, marketers will learn:

  • Creative direction for both image and video ad success. For example, imagery trending down in cost per click (CPC) include a TV, spa environments, fishing, parks, suburbs, while imagery rising in CPC includes yoga, cats and dancing.
  • Best practices for copywriting parameters. Ideal body copy is between 40-60 characters long and should include a hashtag.
  • The CTAs that get clicks. For retailers, “Get Offer” isn’t used often, but has the highest CTR for Facebook ads.
  • Ideal life cycles of ads across industries. Top performing brands refresh ad creative nearly every 10.4 days, compared to the 36-day average.

This is the fourth report from Pattern89. Retailers like Lids have used these predictive insights to decrease costs by over 51%, eliminating the time and budget spent on A/B testing.

Marketers make small steps of progress every day, Pattern89 provides a giant leap. For more information, or to view the 2021 Creative Forecast, visit

About Pattern89

Pattern89 provides powerful, artificial intelligence-driven marketing technology to help brands and agencies discover what creative decisions drive their most impactful digital performance. With creative analysis and prediction algorithms delivering over 95% accuracy, Pattern89 reduces waste by identifying successful patterns and outliers in companies’ ad creative performance data on digital channels. For more information, visit