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YuMe Lets Publishers Take Control of Their Video Advertising with New NetworkMe Solution


Now Any Web Publisher Can Build a Network for Placing, Distributing Ads; Maintain Control of Advertiser Relationships While Using Top Notch Technology

Redwood City, CA—April 28, 2008 —YuMe, the largest dedicated advertising network created and optimized for broadband video, said it will make available today the first free platform that will allow any publisher or advertiser to create large private networks for distributing online video advertising.

With NetworkMe, publishers can pool their entire video inventory into an ad network, selling directly to advertisers.  This approach will allow media companies to represent all of their independent properties collectively to media buyers, and to maximize the CPMs and fill–rates across their properties by taking advantage of YuMe’s powerful publisher platform.

“Media companies thrive on selling premium content to advertisers at premium prices,” said Jayant Kadambi, CEO and co–founder of YuMe. “With NetworkMe, we’ve created a way for video publishers to get the advantages of working with a leading ad network without giving up control of their inventory or their brand.”

Today, even the individual sites of large television networks have trouble offering enough ad impressions for large scale video campaigns.  In addition to gaining access to YuMe’s state of the art ad serving and targeting technology, NetworkMe publishers will enjoy unprecedented inventory liquidity.  These publishers will be able to tap into the broader YuMe advertising network if they need additional impressions to fill a campaign, or to release inventory into the YuMe network to increase fill rates.

YuMe’s network already reaches an audience of 47 million unique visitors, connecting advertisers with more than 400 websites that offer ad placement opportunities in more than 150 million video streams of premium content every month.

YuMe offers the only video advertising technology that can dynamically serve, target and optimize video ads in real-time across all digital media platforms, from destination websites to P2P downloads to mobile phones, letting advertisers achieve unprecedented reach with a single buy.  ACE—YuMe’s recently launched Adaptive Campaign Engine—helps publishers achieve the highest fill rates and effective CPMs possible by matching each video ad impression in their inventory to the best money–making opportunity from their own sales team or a third-party seller.

About YuMe
YuMe is the largest dedicated online video ad network and ad management system. With 400+ websites, more than 150 million video streams, and 46.9 million unique visitors, the YuMe network provides both audience scale and quality reach for advertisers. The YuMe ad management system gives advertisers and publishers the unprecedented ability to identify, classify, and track content to ensure brand safety, contextual relevance, controlled syndication, and consistent delivery across all digital media platforms—Web, downloads, mobile, and IPTV. Key YuMe innovations include the first cross–platform ad solution and the ability to serve multiple ad formats and placements through a single, unified system. YuMe is a privately held company headquartered in Redwood City, CA and backed by Khosla Ventures, Accel Partners, BV Capital and DAG Ventures.

For more information, visit YuMe’s website at www.yume.com and the take2video blog at www.yume.com/blog.