Epic Advertising Announces pCPM: A New Patent-Pending Online Metric

Successful Beta Program Completed; Results Show 60% Increase in Campaign Value.

New York, NY – Epic Advertising, the New York-based online performance marketing company, today announced the official launch of Performance CPM (pCPM), a patent-pending metric that allows advertisers to track performance-marketing campaigns by measuring “induced visits.” Advertisers can now determine campaign effectiveness utilizing a new, more comprehensive approach.

The premise of pCPM is rooted in induced visits, or visits to an advertiser’s site tracked beyond direct clicks. A visit to an advertiser’s site is “induced” if it results in any way from an ad, even if there is no immediate response or direct click path from ad to site. This metric goes beyond traditional campaign measurement tactics by employing scientific techniques to discern the broadest types of cause and effect, excluding things like “accidental clicks.”

Along with measuring induced visits, the metric encompasses elements from traditional tracking methods – CPC, CPM and CPA – as well as inherent branding impacts to offer a more holistic view of an online advertising campaign’s success. Because pCPM involves only statistics, it avoids any retention of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Prior to its release, Epic Advertising’s pCPM was refined internally over a 6-month period and tested in beta on a handful of selected advertising campaigns. Beta test results demonstrated induced visits accounted for a 60% increase on top of clicks. The results also showed that the measurement helped to ascribe value to branding ads seen but not actually clicked.

“pCPM alters the way online advertisers can gauge the true value of their campaigns by allowing them to now measure true effectiveness and influence,” says Don Mathis, President of Epic Advertising. “For instance, if you see an ad without clicking but remember the company’s URL, and then visit the site later, we would capture and realize that induced visit as part of pCPM.”

Added Mathis, “This method lets our advertisers do two new things: they can see the impact of an ad beyond direct clicks, and they can put a solid measure of user-impact on their traditional brand-oriented CPM campaigns. It encompasses the standard metrics used in the marketplace as well, so it is more comprehensive. We believe our method, marrying marketing and technology, is the next step in online marketing campaign tracking and will serve as a model for the industry.”

About Epic Advertising:
Epic Advertising (www.EpicAdvertising.com), founded in 2000 as AzoogleAds, is an elite, global performance marketing company, providing advertisers with superior customer acquisition marketing services. Leveraging its industry-leading performance-based ad network under its AzoogleAds subsidiary, and its search engine marketing capabilities under its Bazaar Advertising subsidiary, Epic provides advertisers with direct response marketing services with a world-wide reach that are second to none.

Epic Advertising utilizes proprietary and patent-pending optimization and targeting technology, and leverages a network of tens of thousands of publishers, to generate extremely high volumes of top quality consumer traffic for its advertising partners. A pioneer in both the online performance marketing industry and in Internet advertising integrity assurance, Epic Advertising brings an intense focus on achieving the highest ROI yield, and scales its solutions by leveraging vast quantities of data, its proprietary targeting and search technologies, and its unparalleled industry expertise.

Epic Advertising is headquartered in New York, with offices in Toronto and San Francisco. The company is privately held and backed by private equity firms TA Associates and Stripes Group.